On the first night of Hanukkah…

Julia’s first night of Hanukkah gift was the menorah that Bubbie & Zaydie got her!  We actually gave it to her a few weeks ago and she played with it for one day and then we hid it away and I wrapped it up and gave it to her yesterday.  That way she can “light” her Menorah while we light the real Menorah.  12.17.2014(2)

She was very excited about it, and once we lit the real Menorah she kept saying “I see Hanukkah!”  12.17.2014(3)


We have several parties over the next several days (one tonight, one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday and one on Monday) so it was nice to at least have the first night be quiet at home with just the three of us.

This morning Julia got to wear her Hanukkah shirt that we got as a hand-me-down from Marlee.  Ken asked Julia what was on her shirt and she said “my candles” so at least she kind of gets the gist of it, so far! 12.17.2014

I’m most excited for her big Hanukkah present, from my mom: a new play kitchen!  I can’t wait until Ken puts it together this weekend for Julia to play with!  I’m thinking it would be fun for him to put it together while she sleeps either Friday night or Saturday night so that it’s there when she wakes up in the morning the next day!

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

Soooo sleepy!

For the past several months (maybe even the past year?) we have been dealing with Julia waking up waaaaaayyy too early.  She goes through lovely phases here and there where she doesn’t wake up until between 6 and 6:30 but those are few and far between.  Her normal wakeup time is anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30 and nothing that we change seems to make a positive or consistent difference.  She goes to sleep at a reasonable 2-year old time of 7/7:30.  If she goes to sleep later than that she gets over-tired and fussy, rubs her eyes, and then ends up waking up even earlier.  And logistically we can’t really get her to sleep much before then because by the time we get home, feed her dinner, give her a bath, get her in pajamas, brush her teeth and read her stories it’s usually pretty close to 7.  What this means is that Ken & I are very very tired.  So tired in fact, that it’s starting to affect our moods… we’ve been snapping at each other more and more, our patience levels are lower than normal, and we even lose patience with Julia more easily than we would if we were consistently getting more sleep.  And Julia doesn’t know the difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday so we don’t get to sleep in on the weekends to make up for the sleep we don’t get during the week.  When she’s up, she’s up and ready to go.  We recently moved the TV into our room and we have started putting movies on for her to watch on weekend mornings so that we can at least buy ourselves some time to lay in bed and relax but neither of us can really sleep when she’s in bed with us because she tells us it’s “awake time” if she sees us closing our eyes and she likes to “climb up on Mommy” or “climb up on Daddy” if she thinks we’re not being entertaining enough.

I’ve asked many other parents what they recommend and the answers I’ve gotten are varied, but the most common one seems to be:

- Treat any wakeup before 6 AM like a middle-of-the-night wakeup: either do your usual “sleep training” routine or go in, tell her it’s time to go back to sleep, and then leave her room.

The problem with this is two-fold.  1) 50% of the time Julia wakes up with a dirty diaper.  To me, leaving a kid to sit in their dirty diaper is a form of child abuse.  I cannot do that to her.  And if we go in to change her diaper and then put her back in the crib, she gets mad.  Real mad.  2) The few times we’ve tried telling her it’s still night time and we’ve put her back in her crib to “go back to sleep,” she has screamed at the top of her lungs from the moment we put her back in her crib until the moment we go back into her room.  This will not work for strong-willed children like Julia.

The last time we tried that, she climbed out of her crib about 20 seconds after Ken left her room.  So what we end up doing is going in to get her as soon as she wakes up, changing her diaper and then bringing her back into our room where she nurses for 20 minutes and then is wide awake and wants attention.  We’ve tried turning the light on in her room and telling her to go play in her room but she won’t have that: she wants attention from us.  We’ve also tried just putting lots of books and toys in her crib so that when she wakes up in the morning there’s something for her to do.  That hasn’t worked.  She still screams the minute she wakes up.

We are down to two more solutions: Ken thinks that a nightlight might help, so I’m going to get one this week and we’ll see if that makes a difference.  And the only other solution we can think of is to no longer allow her to nurse in the mornings.  A few people have suggested that she’s waking up early because she knows she gets to nurse first thing in the morning and that maybe if she doesn’t get to nurse she won’t want to wake up so early but personally I think she’s just an early riser and there’s not all that much we can do about it.  The only other solutions are for us to go to bed early (but with Ken needing to study in the evenings that’s hard to do) or for us to alternate getting up with her but the problem is that really means we each get one day (either Saturday or Sunday) to sleep in and that’s not enough.  We need some sort of longer term solution.  We have thought about possibly getting one of the “okay-to-wake” clocks that changes colors when you decide it’s time for them to get up… so it would be red until 6 and then at 6 AM it would change to green.  I think our next step, after the nightlight, will be to get one of those clocks and to set the time for 6 AM, and to accompany the clock with a sticker chart.  If she stays happily in her crib until the clock changes colors, she gets a sticker.  We’re hoping these will work but who knows… it might just be that we have to wait it out and that is one of those “this too, shall pass” situations.  All I know is that we need more time like this: 12.16.2014(6)

Luckily Julia’s so cute and sweet that it’s hard to be upset with her but a little more sleep would certainly make her good moments more fun and her tantrums easier to handle with love and patience.


Holiday Season!

I love the Holiday Season.  I don’t know what it is but I just love it.  I love Christmas lights, I love jolly old men dressed up as Santa Claus, I love seeing the joy on little kids’ faces when they see Santa or when they see the magic of the holidays: the little train villages, beautiful holiday lights, the Menorah all lit up, and I’m so excited that Julia’s finally at an age where she’ll really be able to enjoy Hanukkah!  I can’t wait to see the look on her face as she opens her gifts for the next 8 nights.

One fun tradition in Baltimore is going to see the lights on 34th Street in Hampden.  There’s one block of that street where every house decorates for the holidays.  Last night, Steffi and I took Julia to see the lights.  12.16.2014(4)

She was absolutely in awe!  She kept saying “lights so pretty!” and she even said “Amazing!” several times.  There was one house in particular, that had an Elmo, a Cookie Monster and a Big Bird, that Julia was absolutely in love with.12.16.2014(3)

She could have stayed there looking at their holiday display for hours if we had let her.  The look on her face was one of pure amazement!

I personally really liked a couple of the other houses on the block… one had a Mardi Gras theme: 12.16.2014(2)

and of course there was one with the Utz Potato Chip Girl and Mr. Boh:12.16.2014

Ken is on call this week but I’m really hoping he’ll be home early enough tonight so that we can light the Menorah together as a family.  Tonight Julia’s present is going to be the Menorah that her Bubbie & Zaydie got for her.  Even though she already “got” it as a gift a few weeks ago, I wrapped up and we’ll give it to her tonight.  I think it will be fun for her to get it as a gift so that she can “light” the Menorah right alongside the real Menorah.

We’re wishing all our friends and family a very Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and most importantly, a Happy, Healthy and Joyful New Year!

Feel better, Daddy!

This past weekend was relatively low key despite Ken being sick and on call.  Julia’s started saying some very cute things since Ken’s been sick… every time he coughs or sneezes, she says “Bless you, Daddy!”  (and she says “Thank you” if we tell her “Bless you” after she sneezes).  She also asks Daddy if he’s okay whenever he coughs, and she gives him hugs and kisses and says “Daddy, feel better!”

Friday we finally gave in and bought the movie, Frozen.  All the kids are watching it these days and I had heard good things about it so figured it would be fun to watch with Julia.  We ordered sushi to be delivered and we all three watched the movie in bed on Ken’s iPad.  It was so warm and cozy and just what we needed for a family Friday night! 12.8.2014(7)

Saturday morning we went to have breakfast with our friends Pete, Sarah & James and then Julia and I went to play (and shop) at Ikea!  I bought her one of her Hanukkah presents–an easel, which Ken put together for her last night.12.8.2014

She had fun playing on the toddler beds and also with the kitchen set, which my mom is going to be getting her as a Hanukkah present! 12.8.2014(6)

In addition to the easel, I also got her a set of pots and pans which we’ll wrap up to give to her one of the nights of Hanukkah.

Saturday afternoon we came home and took a nap and then spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Sunday morning we went to a free Music Together demo class which Julia really enjoyed.  She got to sing and dance, march around, play musical instruments and just have a ball.  It was lots of fun and we are thinking of signing up for the winter, now that soccer is over.  In the spring we’ll probably try a tumbling/gymnastics class and then next fall once Julia turns 3 we’ll start ballet!

After her nap on Sunday, we went on a little walk to get some fresh air and we stopped at the playground to play with Eleanor and her mommies.  It was fun but a little too cold to stay outside for long so we went back to Eleanor’s house and played there for a little while before going home for dinner and bedtime.12.8.2014(3)



This week at school is spirit week because they’re having their annual book fair, so today is “Super Hero/Princess Day”!  We had this princess dress that we bought from a yard sale a few months ago for $3 but I wasn’t sure if it would fit Julia yet, so we had to try it on last night.  It fits her perfectly and she absolutely LOVED it.  12.8.2014(2)

She kept twirling around and saying, “I’m a princess!”  So needless to say, she got to wear it to school today and was so excited!

School Photos!

We got Julia’s school photo yesterday and I must say that it is quite possibly the cutest photo you will ever see, messy hair and all!12.4.2014
Also, last night we went to an Orthodox wedding for a friend of mine. This was my first time going to an Orthodox wedding. This was by far the biggest wedding I have ever been to. There were probably close to 500 people there. And it was very elegant and beautiful. The chuppah took place at Pearlstone, a Jewish farm and retreat center out in Reisterstown, and then the reception was at the Hunt Valley Inn in a giant ballroom.12.5.2014

The theme of the evening was peacocks so there were peacock feathers, beautiful colors of purple and teal. The bride wore a gorgeous peacock feather headpiece in her hair and had on lovely teal shoes. There was a very Bohemian feel as well, with lanterns and candles on many of the tables. It was truly a beautiful wedding. Mazel Tov to Lisa & Kenny!12.5.2014(3)



We got back Saturday from a wonderful trip to California for Julia’s wedding and Thanksgiving!

We took an EARLY flight Saturday morning from Baltimore.  For this trip, we got Julia her very own suitcase to use as a carry-on so that we could pack it full of toys, books, snacks and other activities for the plane.  She loved having her own suitcase and wheeling it through the airport! 12.1.2014(31)

Everyone thought she was adorable pulling it along.  It did make walking a little slow but she managed to get where we needed to go on time.

The flight to San Francisco was a little rough since there was quite a bit of turbulence so Julia had to stay in her seat and couldn’t nurse to take a nap.  She was quite sleepy by the time we arrived and didn’t end up falling asleep until we were in the car on our way to Julia’s wedding.  This was our first time flying with Julia over the age of 2 and she had to have her own seat this time.  We got a CARES harness for her to keep her safe and to make sure she would stay in her seat.  She did surprisingly well with the harness, probably since she’s so used to having a 5-point harness on in her carseat.  12.1.2014(29)


As soon as we landed in San Francisco, we had to get our suitcases, get in my parents’ car, go back to their house and change quickly for the wedding.  Julia fell asleep in the car on the way there so Jim stayed in the car with her through half of the ceremony and then we woke her up so they could both join us for the second half.  I had never met Matt (Julia’s husband) so it was so wonderful to finally meet him.  The ceremony was beautiful and very sweet.  12.1.2014(22)

Julia and Matt both looked so happy and it seemed like they had a great time!  We sat with Amelie during the ceremony and it was really nice to catch up with her. 12.1.2014(21)



The reception was also lovely, with many personal touches.  There was a photo booth that was a lot of fun, and little Julia had so much fun dancing the night away! 12.1.2014(23)




She kept going up to Jim & my mom and saying “Come on Gagee Papa!” then dragging them onto the dance floor.  It was adorable!  She also didn’t seem to care who she was dancing with; she would dance with anyone willing to dance with her.

After she started to show signs of being sleepy, we all headed back across the Bay Bridge to my parents’ house and went to bed!

The next morning we went to a brunch for out-of-town guests at Julia’s parents’ house.  It was nice to see everyone in a less formal setting and to have time to just sit and chat a bit. 12.1.2014(19)


I enjoyed meeting Matt’s family and got along really well with his sister-in-law and nieces.  It would be fun to go visit Julia & Matt in London while they’re living there… hopefully we can make that happen.

Sunday afternoon we took Julia to a playground to meet up with some friends we had met at Dana’s wedding a few weeks ago, and then in the evening Julia enjoyed having Papa read her a bedtime story! 12.1.2014(18)

Jim really loves being a grandpa and that really shows in the amount of patience he has with Julia.  He’s so sweet with her and she clearly loves him!  He bought her a new book which she just loved… it’s about Elliott the Elephant in the Big City.  It was very sweet to hear him read to her.

Monday morning Ken & I had breakfast and got ready then we hit the road for our first ever overnight away from Julia!  I had been very nervous about how she would do, but she did great with my parents for the two nights we were away, and we had some much-needed grownup time in Wine Country!  We stayed at my mom’s friend Mary’s House in Yountville and did some wine tasting in Napa the first day, and then did a wine tour in Sonoma the second day.   12.1.2014(16)


12.1.2014(17)We had some delicious meals–at the Oxbow Market, at the Russian River Brewery, at Wild Goat Bistro, and at Bouchon–and bought some wine to bring home with us.  We didn’t sleep as well as we had hoped since Ken was sick with a cough/cold and since we are just so used to waking up at 6 AM every day, but we still had a wonderful three days to ourselves!

When we got back Julia was very excited to see us and immediately asked for “Mommy milk.”  She makes the distinction between “Mommy milk” (aka breast milk) and “Julia milk” (aka cow’s milk).  Even though she hadn’t napped at all for my mom, she fell asleep within about 2 minutes of starting to nurse and took a nice 2-hour nap in my arms! 12.1.2014(14)

The next day was Thanksgiving!  My mom’s cooking is the best in the world so it goes without saying that the meal was spectacular.  My god-mother Sheila and my mom’s friend Jane joined us for the holiday and it was just lovely.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for so many reasons but one is that I love the way the house feels so warm and cozy and smells so delicious while the turkey is cooking, everyone is happily drinking wine or beer, the parade is on TV and everyone is happily sitting around the table eating a delicious meal!  Jim & Ken toasted to their orange & black teams: 12.1.2014(11)

and Julia had fun “helping” Jim sweep the floor: 12.1.2014(12)

That evening, my mom got to read Julia her bedtime story before everyone headed off to sleep off the turkey!12.1.2014(13)


Friday we spent the day relaxing at home a bit.  Julia fell asleep and took a nice long morning nap while Ken & I got to go have lunch with Julia & Matt in the city for one last goodbye before she moves to London.  12.1.2014(10)

12.1.2014(9)I am so happy for her and wish her the best but I am sad she’ll be so far away.  London really isn’t that much farther from Baltimore than San Francisco but it feels farther away since it’s another country and we can’t just take a Southwest flight to get there.  It requires international travel and passports to visit her now.  But they seem so happy together and Matt is a lovely gentleman so I know they will have a wonderful life together.

In the afternoon after lunch, my mom, Ken & I took Julia to a playground to burn off some energy. 12.1.2014(7)



Then it was time to head home for dinner and to pack up.  It would have been nice if we had had one more day in San Francisco but we really needed Sunday to get ready for the week ahead of us, so we left early on Saturday morning.  Julia did spectacularly well on the flight to Chicago, and even took an hour-and-a-half long nap on the plane! 12.1.2014(4)

When we got to Chicago, our friend Caitlin (who went to Med School with Ken) texted me asking if we were at Midway (we were!) and said that she had just landed one gate away from us!  So we got to visit with her for a few minutes before boarding our second plane to Baltimore.12.1.2014(3)

It was such a nice surprise to see her!  We got home before it got dark and then we unpacked and had all day Sunday to settle back in at home.  I got some grocery shopping done, Julia took a nice nap and we had some much-needed time to just chill out and do nothing! 12.1.2014


It’s hard to believe that today is already December 1st.  We’ve got just 4 weeks at home before we hit the road to drive down to Florida for New Years week with Ken’s parents and for two days in Savannah with our friends Evan & Jade!  But first, let’s enjoy December here in Baltimore! :)



2-year olds are funny creatures.  One day they want to be independent and do everything for themselves.  The next day they want to be a baby and have you carry them around and do everything for them.

This week Julia has been very much into doing things by herself.  She tells me when we’re leaving the house in the morning, “I do it myself,” meaning that she wants to walk down the stairs all by herself, not holding hands with me.  She looks like such a little kid when she walks all by herself.  11.12.2014(2)


11.12.2014In addition to walking down the stairs by herself, she has figured out how to take her pajamas off by herself (the footie pajama kind, not the shirt/pants kind) and she’s even figured out how to get her diaper off.  She often takes her shoes and socks off at the worst possible time (in the car, 5 minutes before we get to school) and she’s also figured out how to take off her zip-up sweatshirts.  As far as feeding herself is concerned, sometimes she wants to do it herself and sometimes she wants you to do it for her.  And you never know from one minute to the next which it will be.

We have started asking Julia what she wants to wear each morning.  Inevitably, her answer is “a tutu.”  She calls all dresses tutus and she loves to wear them.  Kind of like my mom’s rule when I was growing up, I’ve decided to implement a rule that Julia can pick out what she wants to wear and as long as it’s weather appropriate (or can somehow be made weather appropriate), then she can wear it.  So we go through a lot of dresses.  In the winter we can put leggings or pants on underneath and if we need to add a long-sleeved shirt, we can do that, too.  The other day she got to wear her black & gold tutu for the Saints! 11.13.2014



Gagee is sending Julia some new winter hats to wear so we can keep her head nice and warm when we head outside, too.  I can’t believe that winter is already upon us.  It’s supposed to be in the 20’s overnight tonight and there’s a possibility of snow on Sunday night.

Last winter was really emotionally draining because there were so many snow days.  After a day or two at home we started to feel very cooped up and bored.  I made a bin of arts and crafts supplies and this year we have a Toddler Activity book that I think will come in handy.  It has a bunch of ideas for things to do with minimal supplies/money/planning.

It was really frustrating last year because if Julia’s school closed for snow, I couldn’t go to work but this year we have a “drop-in” daycare we can use if they’re open but Julia’s regular school is closed so hopefully that will allow me to work as many days as possible.  The winter is just so depressing though, so I hope this winter is not as bad as last year.  I have heard predictions that this winter is supposed to be just as cold and just as snowy so I’m not feeling hopeful.  Luckily though, we have lots of things to do… we’ll have music class on Sundays starting in January, we just joined the Aquarium as members, we can always go to Storyville and the JCC is opening a new Jewish version of Storyville called J-Town, so we will be sure to take advantage of all of those this winter when we don’t feel like playing outside.  Last year Julia did love the snow so I’m curious to see her reaction to it this year!

We may even see some snowflakes before we leave for California next weekend!


Low-Key weekend

I’ve said this before: I always find it ironic that it takes Ken being on call for us to have a quiet weekend at home.  When Ken’s not on call we always make lots of plans since we feel like we should take advantage of his not being on call to spend time together as a family.  So we make brunch plans, play date plans, dinner plans, etc. but when he’s on call, since he could potentially get called in to the hospital at any time, we really don’t make a whole lot of plans.  We might have one or two tentative plans that are always dependent upon Ken not getting called in, but for the most part we stick around at home and wait to see if he gets called in.  So ironically this past weekend, we had a very quiet, low-key weekend at home, which was exactly what we needed!

Friday night Ken got stuck at the hospital helping out a patient for about 5 hours so he didn’t get home until close to midnight.  Julia and I went to Chabad for Shabbat dinner, where she had a ton of fun running around with the Rabbi’s kids.

Saturday we had no plans!  We went to the Farmer’s Market, played at home, I got some laundry done, Julia and I made a run to Target, and we just kind of enjoyed some quiet time as a family.  We showed Julia her first Disney movie (Dumbo) and relaxed a lot.  It was lovely!  11.10.2014(9)

We did get a new bedding set so I was excited to make our bed with the new covers and pillows.  I love how cozy our bed is with all the pillows and I’ve always thought a bed with lots of pillows looked more “grown-up” so I’m excited to have a grownup bed, finally!11.10.2014(8)


Sunday we had Julia’s soccer class and then Ken went to watch the Arsenal game with our friend Pete, while Julia and I had a playdate with Sarah and their son James.  The kids had lots of fun playing together and Sarah & I were able to catch up a bit.11.10.2014(2)  11.10.2014(3)

11.10.2014(4)After Julia’s nap, Ken made Red Beans & Rice for dinner for the first time, with beans we got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  Then we were able to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep in our new cozy bed!11.10.2014

After soccer we played at home–Julia put all her animals to sleep on the table and had a lovely snack of apples and peanut butter!



Next weekend will hopefully be another quiet one at home and then the following weekend we are leaving for San Francisco for my best friend Julia’s wedding and for Thanksgiving!  I can’t believe the holidays are here and winter weather will be here before we know it!

Halloween & A Visit with Bubbie & Zaydie!

Friday was Halloween!  I have such wonderful memories of Halloween growing up and really want to make sure Julia loves the holiday as much as I did.  This was probably the last (or maybe second-to-last?) year that we can decide what Julia dresses up as for Halloween since I’m sure by next year she’ll be telling us what she wants to wear each day.  We decided to dress her up as Minnie Mouse this year.

When she was just a month old she had a cute little pumpkin hat from my mom and then on Halloween Day she was a skeleton and last year we almost didn’t go trick-or-treating but at the last minute decided to put her in skeleton pajamas and go out but this year was the first year she could really go out and have fun with it.  photo


Bubbie & Zaydie flew in on Friday so we went trick-or-treating with them and with our friends Sam & Mark and their little boy, Lincoln, who coincidentally was dressed up as Mickey Mouse!  We also met up with our friend Gretchen and her daughter Lily (the lion!): 10.31.2014(2)

10.31.2014(4) Julia was a little skeptical at first:



It took a while for the kids to warm up to the idea of approaching strangers at their front door and ask for candy but once they started to realize they got candy in their pumpkin baskets, they had such a grand old time!  10.31.2014(8)

Julia was a little afraid of some of the houses with scary decorations that moved or made noise, but for the most part she had a blast.  After trick-or-treating they had us over for dinner, which was just lovely!

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxing: we spent most of the day Saturday at home–Mona, Julia & I played at home while Robert and Ken got some things done around the house and Ken & I finally spent some time cleaning up his study, his desk, my desk and making things a little more organized and presentable in our bedroom.  We have too much stuff and clutter seems to accumulate very easily on surfaces in our house so sometimes we need an extra push to get things cleaned up but we’re so glad we did since it looks so much better.  The biggest challenge will be keeping it up now that we have it cleaned up but hopefully if we are sure to spend some time every Sunday cleaning up from the week, we will manage to keep it all up.  Saturday night we had a lovely time going out to dinner and then Bubbie & Zaydie read Julia her bedtime stories: 11.3.2014(2)


Sunday Julia had soccer class (she got to wear her new soccer shirt from Dana & Liam), and then we met up with Cousin David for brunch before going home for naptime.  11.3.2014(4)

Julia also discovered over the weekend that she can climb into her old bouncer which she used to love as a baby.  Only she’s way too big for it now and looked like a giant in it! 11.3.2014

After nap on Sunday we got a few more things done and then went out for dinner before it was time for Bubbie & Zaydie to head back to the airport.  Luckily, we’ll be seeing them in Florida for New Years!

October/November Stitch Fix Review

Friday afternoon I received another Stitch Fix box.  I think this was my 5th (?) time getting a box from Stitch Fix.  I’ve chosen to get boxes approximately every 3 months so as to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe each season.  It’s so convenient and fun, especially as the mother of a toddler who is a PITA to shop with.  For this month’s fix, I was a little more specific about what I wanted… I said a pair of pants, a jacket, a sweater and no more horizontal stripes!  I also mentioned that I was willing to go a little more casual this month than I had been going.

This was the first time that I almost considered keeping everything in the Box because my stylist got it so right.  As always the logistics of getting a box worked out great.  The box arrived the exact day they said it would.  sf6

The items inside were beautifully packaged and wrapped nicely, and there was a lovely little note from my stylist, Liz.  sf7

I am going to request this same stylist again for my next Fix since she got it so right this time!

In this month’s box, there was a shirt, sweater, pair of pants, scarf and a jacket.  And if the shirt had fit a little bit better and the pants had been a little less expensive I would have kept everything.  I loved everything in this month’s box!

First up I tried on the shirt and jeans: sf

The shirt was a little bit tight across the chest and I had specifically asked for no more horizontal stripes but I still liked this shirt.  I liked the colors and the material and I liked the style a lot.  The styling card suggested a couple different outfits and I could see wearing it for work or for casual weekends.  sf11

The jeans were also lovely… they fit great, could be worn with flats or boots (I even tried on my boots over the jeans and they were great since the legs of the jeans aren’t bulky like some skinny jeans are).  The material was very soft and had the perfect amount of stretch.  The only problem was that the jeans were $98… a bit more than I wanted to spend right now.  Of course they suggested two lovely outfits to create with the jeans–one more casual and one more dressy.  sf8Next up were a sweater and scarf, both of which I tried on with the jeans as well.  sf2


The sweater is lovely–I love the color, the fit, the softness of the material and the fact that it’s so versatile!  Here are the outfits they recommended putting together for the sweater: sf9

and for the scarf, they had a little card showing how to wear it! sf12

And last but not least was a jacket: sf4


The thing I love the most about this jacket is that it’s so unlike anything I already own and it’s not something I would have picked out on my own to try on.  But I love that about it.  It’s a little different.  It was very comfortable, was made of a lovely material and has a hood!

With Ken’s help I decided to keep the sweater and the jacket.  I really loved everything this month but I just couldn’t justify spending $188 on clothing right now when we are trying to save money.  The jeans were $98 which is a little more than I can spend right now.  The scarf was lovely but was just too warm for Baltimore winters, and I already have plenty of scarves and the shirt was a little too tight in the chest, making it not quite perfect.

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