First Ultrasound

Today, Ken and I went for our first visit at the Doctor’s office!  This was only my second time seeing this doctor and it was the first time Ken came with me.  Ken really liked her, which was good, because as a Medical Student, he can be hard to please when it comes to doctors.  She’s on faculty at LSU in their OBGyn Department.  She is very calm, patient, good at teaching and explaining and she makes me feel very at ease.  Other doctors I have found often jump to conclusions: upon hearing that I have a Unicornuate Uterus, they say things such as, “You’re probably going to need a C-Section, you’ll probably need a Cervical Cerclage, you’ll definitely be high risk and be followed much more closely,” etc. whereas my doctor is much more patient and willing to take it day by day.  Because I’m high risk she will obviously see me more often than she would a woman with a totally normal pregnancy, but she doesn’t feel the need to make predictions about the future.  We will see what happens as it happens and there’s no need to jump to conclusions.  We first have to see how my body reacts to pregnancy and then we can make decisions later on down the road.

Today my appointment went like this: I peed in a cup, the nurse took my blood pressure, height and weight and took down some basic information (last menstrual period, no history in my family of breast/ovarian/cervical cancer, etc.) and then we went and spoke with the doctor for about 10 minutes.  We talked about the first-trimester prenatal screening and the second trimester screening that is recommended but not necessary  (we opted to do it when the time comes) and she answered any questions we had.  Then, she did a trans-vaginal ultrasound to take a look at the embryo and my uterus.  She was very pleased with what she saw: a gestational sac, a yolk sac, a fetal pole and a little flicker that she thought was the beginning of cardiac activity.  She also looked around a little to find my Rudimentary Horn and my right ovary.  She found the ovary but the horn was too hard to see (which is a good thing as it means it’s not functioning and has no tissue inside of it, so there’s less of a risk of a pregnancy somehow accidentally implanting on that side and there’s less of a risk of endometriosis).  The doctor was so pleased with what she saw that she printed out a few photos of our beautiful little gestational sac. 

She said it was a little hard to tell but I’m probably about 5-6 weeks along (5 weeks and 6 days if you go based on my last menstrual period) but she wants to see me back in 2 more weeks and at that time she’ll be able to give us a better estimate of how far along I am.

According to the Pregnancy tickers, today the little thing has grown and is now the size of a sweet pea!


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