Pregnancy Emotions?

I think that people often use pregnancy as an excuse to act as bitchy and rude as they want, to ask for whatever they want and to try to get their way.  I generally think it’s annoying and I’ve told both Ken and my friend Sarah that if I ever act that way, they are supposed to call me out on it and tell me to cut the crap.  That being said, I have noticed a slight change in my own attitude over the past couple of days.  Ordinarily I’m a very tolerant individual… I can handle stupidity, I can handle people being annoying, I can handle people’s eccentricities and oddities.  But today I feel that everything is getting to me.

I was scheduled to have 4 meetings today, and 3 of them were canceled or rescheduled about 5 minutes before they were scheduled to begin.  I mean really… could you not have told me a few hours hours before that you were going to have to reschedule?  It’s not like something actually just “came up” that couldn’t wait 30 minutes.  I also felt like all of the drivers on the road this morning were being stupid… like driving 25 miles per hour on the freeway, or stopping randomly at intersections where there were no stop signs.  My friend Sarah (the same one mentioned above) is a teacher, and she always notices that her students start to act crazy when there’s a full moon, so I decided to go check and see if maybe all of these people have an excuse… so I found this cool website here, where you can look up the dates of all of the full moons.  But alas… it is not a full moon, so nobody has an excuse for acting crazy.  All I can say right now is good thing it’s Friday!


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