Pregnancy Journal

So I’ve been reading a lot of pregnancy and parenting blogs lately, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people keep pregnancy journals, and some of them contain letters that people write to their unborn child.  To me it seems a little funny to write a letter to a little creature that’s the size of a blueberry (that’s right, it’s grown!), but I also can see the appeal.  When I was a little girl, I would often ask my mom questions about what it was like when she was pregnant with me… what she felt, what she thought, what questions she had, what she looked like, etc.  I can see how it could be cool to keep a pregnancy journal with a few little thoughts jotted down that are intended for the baby when he/she is old enough to appreciate it.  I could keep track of what I’m feeling both physically and emotionally as well as some of the thoughts I have, the hopes and dreams I have for this baby, etc.  It would be a good place to keep the Ultrasound photos we get to take home from each appointment, and it would be fun to keep belly photos in there as well… once I start showing, we can start taking a photo of my belly each week to keep track of it.  I always loved seeing photos of my mom when she was pregnant with me because it was funny to imagine that I fit inside of her belly.  As a little kid it’s hard to imagine that life existed before you were born, that your parents actually had a life and did things before you occupied their entire world.  So I think I would like to keep a pregnancy journal, but it’s definitely not going to be on this blog.  Perhaps that will be my task for this week… to find a nice journal that I can start keeping for this little blueberry as he/she continues to grow.  I know we’ve said that we want to be “cautiously excited and optimistic” but now that I’m more than half way through the first trimester, I think it’s almost safe to just be “excited” and “optimistic.” 

One week from today we go for Doctor’s Appointment #2, at which time (if everything is going well), we should be able to see, and maybe even hear, a little heartbeat!  Until then, my task this week is to find a pregnancy journal!


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