Exhaustion & Lack of Appetite

So you know how I said I was going to work on getting a Pregnancy Journal this week?  Yeah well it didn’t happen.  You can’t blame me, though… this has been a crazy week!  Tuesday night we had dinner reservations at Galatoire’s, a fancy New Orleans restaurant in the French Quarter.  We’ve had a $100 giftcard to the restaurant for over a year and we finally got around to using it this week.  Last night was the Purim party at our Synagogue and it was a lot of fun!  Today there’s another Purim party at our Rabbi’s house and then tomorrow I’m leaving for Columbus, Ohio for the weekend.  There just has been no time to get a Pregnancy Journal.  It may have to wait until the second trimester since next week is supposed to be pretty crazy, too!  Our parents are all arriving on Thursday for Match Day on Friday and my Bat Mitzvah on Saturday.  Things are just a little insane. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant or because I haven’t been getting enough sleep or just because I’ve been running myself ragged or what… but all I can think about today is going to sleep.  Lately I have been sooooooooo exhausted, especially in the afternoons.  By the time we get in bed, I’m out cold within a few minutes.  Seriously… doesn’t this look like fun?

Or this? 

So maybe the exhaustion is a symptom of pregnancy.  If so, the only other symptom is a total decrease in appetite.  Lately, my eyes have been much more hungry than my stomach… so I’ll get a plate together of food, and I’ll take a few bites and then I’ll feel stuffed.  It could be that my uterus is pressing up into my stomach and therefore I have even less room for food than I did before… but I don’t think that makes sense this early on, since my uterus isn’t much bigger than it was a few weeks ago.  I’ve only had a few little bouts of nausea, so it’s not that I have food aversions, it’s just that I’ll start eating and then once I’m a few bites in, I just feel like I can’t eat another thing.  So far smells don’t seem to bother me too much, and there aren’t really foods that I’m having an aversion to… it’s just the thought of eating is kind of yucky. 

The little thing is still the size of a blueberry (it turns into a raspberry next week) and our next appointment at the OB’s office is only 4 days from now!  Hopefully we’ll have some cute little photos to post on Monday.  Until then, have a lovely weekend!


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