Pregnancy Dreams, Gender Predictor Tests & Fears

I’ve heard that during pregnancy, women tend to have more vivid dreams and that they tend to remember them more frequently.  It could be due to the fact that pregnant women sleep more, but I think there might be a little something to it… something preparing you for becoming a mother, so you go through various scenarios in your head. 

I’ve also heard that people often have dreams about the gender of their baby.  Some claim that their dreams predict the gender of the baby with great accuracy, while others dream of both a girl and a boy and they can only have one or the other.  Perhaps there’s some truth in all of this… a mother’s intuition?  Or maybe it’s wishful thinking?  There is, of course a 50/50 chance that any test could be right or wrong.  In any event… it’s fun to try to predict the gender of the baby before it is possible to find out for real.  Last night I had my first pregnancy dream… and in my dream, the baby was a BOY!  I don’t remember many details, other than that people were passing around our baby boy, and everyone was ooohing and aaahing over how cute and adorable he was.  I do think it will be fun over the next few weeks/months, before we can find out for sure what gender the baby is, to go through some of the funny old wives tales that exist to predict the baby’s gender.  Some of them have to wait until I’m showing (such as the one that involves tying my wedding ring on a string and dangling it above my belly, or the one that involves predicting the gender of the baby based on where I’m carrying (all in front and up high, or all around and down low)), but some of them can be done now… so let’s see how accurate they become! 

Gender Prediction Based on Dreams: BOY

Chinese Gender Predictor: BOY (This one supposedly “works” by taking the age of the mother at the time of conception and the month in which conception occurred, and using those two numbers to determine the gender of the baby.  For this one, it’s a little tough if you don’t know exactly when conception occurred… we think that I got pregnant because of activities that occurred on January 27th, but according to my chart, I didn’t ovulate until January 30th or 31st, and I didn’t get my positive pregnancy test until February 12th… BUT, whether you put in “January” or “February” as the month of conception, the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart tells me I’m having a boy.)

And now… for something a little more serious.  Every time I go to the bathroom, I look down at the toilet and the toilet paper to check and see if there is any blood.  Blood can be a sign of something going horribly wrong or it can be a sign that everything is fine and healthy, or it can just happen randomly because the cervix is more sensitive during pregnancy, and the blood volume increases during pregnancy.  In any event, blood is a terrifying thing to see when you are pregnant, and especially when you are at a higher risk of miscarriage.  This afternoon, after I ate lunch, I went to the bathroom and saw some blood on the toilet paper.  It was a light red and there was not very much of it but of course it freaked me out.  I wiped a few more times to see how much there was, and it seemed to be staying the same color, consistency, and amount.  I tried to forget about it, drank some water, and went back to my desk.  Then I went back to the bathroom a short while later, and it seemed to have gone away.  I emailed my doctor when I was at the height of my fear, and she said that we should only be worried if the amount of blood increases, and that if I’m still bleeding or feeling nervous, I can come in to see her on Wednesday morning at 8:10 AM.  Of course I will keep an eye on things between now and Wednesday, but for now everything seems to be going alright.  Apparently between 20 and 30% of women have some bleeding or spotting during their first trimester and only about 1/2 of those women end up having a miscarriage.  Those are pretty good odds but still pretty terrifying.  I just have to keep reminding myself each and every day that I’ve made it another day… today I am 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant, which means I’m that much closer to having a healthy baby.


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