Peace of Mind

This morning, I went into see my doctor for some “peace of mind,” because of the spotting I had on Monday, and she definitely gave me some “peace of mind.”  I got to see our little baby again, and hear his/her heartbeat, which was strong at 170 bpm.

It’s so amazing how much embryos/fetuses can grow in such a short period of time.  Last week (just 9 days ago), it looked like a peanut, but today you could make out a head and a body, you could see the little brain developing, and you could tell that there were arm and leg buds.  I definitely feel better having seen him/her moving around in there. 

The sad news I got today, was that my doctor is going to be moving to New Iberia, Louisiana, which is a 2 and a half hour drive from here.  She’s not moving until the end of June, but she thinks that it would probably be best for me to switch over to another doctor for the time being so that I can develop a doctor-patient relationship with the doctor who will actually be following me through my pregnancy.  So I’m seeing my current doctor again on Monday for my regular annual visit (pap smear, etc.) and then I’ll be switching over to another doctor.  Also, starting on April 12th, I will be seeing the Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialist, who is going to be monitoring me to make sure that my uterus is growing appropriately and not trying to expel our baby before he/she is ready to come out.  I may get a cervical cerclage if she deems it to be necessary, or she may place me on 17-Hydroxy-Progesterone shots on a weekly basis starting sometime in the second trimester.  I trust her and will obviously do whatever she tells me to do. 

Today, I told my boss that I am pregnant… I was a little afraid to see what her reaction would be, but she seemed very pleasantly surprised and happy for me.  She was very understanding about the fact that I am high risk and said we can sort of play things by ear.  I told her I’ve been trying to schedule my appointments so they can either be first thing in the morning, or last thing in the afternoon but that might not always be possible.  She said we can play it by ear though, and she seemed like she would be flexible in terms of letting me work late a few days if I need to make up time that I have to take off for a doctor’s appointment.  I’m glad I jumped over that hurdle and told her because now I don’t have to keep everything a secret at work anymore.  I don’t have to keep saying I’m going in for “another follow-up visit,” and “another blood test” every 2 weeks.  I definitely breathed a sigh of relief after I left her office!


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