Sh!ts and Giggles Intelligender Test

So just for sh!ts and giggles, last night my friend Kathleen and I went out to buy one of the Intelligender Tests from CVS.  I have no funny notions that this thing is accurate, by any means, but I thought it would be fun to do.  According to the test, I’m having a BOY!  Basically it has you pee in a cup and your pee changes color, then you compare the color of your pee in the cup to the label–girl is orange, boy is green–and you figure out what you’re having that way. (Kind of like a pH-test).

I read the reviews on Amazon, and the test seems to be about 50% accurate… which is just as accurate as guessing randomly, but it’s funny that it’s the same as the Chinese Gender Chart and the dream I had a couple of weeks ago.  So maybe this baby really is a boy!  That would also be consistent with the lack of cravings for sweet foods, and the lack of morning sickness, at least according to the old wives’ tales.  We’ll see!


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