Lime Baby + Crazy things going on in our house this week!

Today the baby is the size of a lime!  That seems pretty substantial in size.  Apparently my uterus is about the size of a grapefruit.  I guess that means it’s citrus week!  I keep asking Ken to feel my belly to see if he can feel my uterus but he still can’t.  They say around 12 weeks is when you should be able to feel the uterus up above the pubic bone.  I don’t really know what to feel for, but I’m sure the doctor will check tomorrow.  I’m going to meet the new OB tomorrow for the first time!

Things in our house are a little crazy this week… Ken just found out last week that he’s having surgery tomorrow!  To make a long story short, he has an extra rib that’s pressing on a bundle of nerves, and causing him pain, discomfort, numbness and tinglyness in his arm, so the doctors are going to be taking out the offending rib.  Ken’s mother is flying in tonight from Connecticut to help out with surgery day tomorrow, and on Thursday morning, then she’s flying home Thursday afternoon.  I took off Thursday afternoon and all day Friday from work to take Ken home from the hospital and get him settled in at home.  Then Friday, I have to clean up for Passover, which starts Friday night at sundown!  Depending on how Ken is feeling, we may or may not go to Seders Friday night and Saturday night–we were invited to our friends Holly & Isaac for Friday night and to our Rabbi’s house for  Saturday night.

Luckily, the Jewish community here in New Orleans is amazing when it comes to helping people out who are sick or in the hospital (or who have babies!).  I arranged with our synagogue’s Chesed committee to deliver meals to Ken Wednesday through Sunday, so tomorrow night he’ll have a meal delivered in the hospital and then Thursday through Sunday we’ll have meals delivered to us at home.  I’m really greatful for that because it means I can focus on taking care of Ken and getting our house ready for Passover.  Then on Sunday night, my mother is flying in to help out with Ken during the days that I’m at work next week.  She’ll be going home on Wednesday.  She and I already have plans to make Matzoh Ball Soup and Brisket together, so that should be a lot of fun!  It will also be good for Ken to have someone at home with him so that he can get out of the house and not be stuck at home all day with nothing to do.  My mom will probably also have to take him to his follow-up appointment sometime next week.   We really are lucky that both of our mothers are able to come and help out.  As someone pointed out to me yesterday, Thank G-d for Mothers!


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