So when does the 2nd trimester really start?

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant, and Baby Levin is the size of a plum!  That seems pretty big to me… and speaking of plums, I had 2 yesterday for my afternoon snack.  They are YUMMY!

So here’s my question… when does the 2nd trimester really start?  There seem to be 3 different opinions:

1) 9 months divided by 3 = 3 months.  Most people think of a month as having 4 weeks (which is technically only true about February in non-leap-years).  Therefore: 12 weeks = 1 trimester.  By this logic, my first trimester should start a week from today, after 12 weeks.

2) 40 weeks divided by 3 = 13.33333333333 which means 13 and 1/3 weeks is 1 trimester.  By that logic, you don’t reach your second trimester until you are 13 weeks and 2.5ish days pregnant.

3) When I asked my doctor, “when does the 2nd trimester start?” she said “at the beginning of the 14th week.”  I don’t like this logic at all because that makes the first trimester really long… but then again, it makes the second and third trimesters a little bit shorter… so maybe that’s not such a bad thing…

Why, you might ask, does this really matter?  Well… a lot of people wait to tell people about their pregnancy until “after” the first trimester… so the question is, when is it safe to tell people?  We’ve pretty much told all of our close friends and family, so there aren’t that many people left to tell.  The one place we have yet to announce it is on Facebook and for that I think I will wait until after Thursday, which is when I see the Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialist for the first time.  She’ll likely be doing the Nuchal Translucency Test to determine our risk of having a baby with Downs Syndrome or Trisomy 18.  After that (provided everything goes well), I feel it will be safe to start telling the world.

Ken’s mother didn’t feel really safe telling anybody until “12 weeks,” so she’s picked today as the day to tell people.  I told Ken’s grandmother to hold off on telling people until after Thursday, when we can tell her how the doctor’s appointment goes.  The horrible thing would be to tell everyone, and then to have to un-tell everyone if something were to go wrong.  So far, I’ve had (thank G-d!) a very easy pregnancy, so I’m hoping the next 6 months will go by just as easily and quickly as the past 3 months have gone by, but I do know that now is when the up-hill battle begins.  Now that I’m pregnant, our goal is to keep me pregnant for at least 23 more weeks, which would put me at 35 weeks gestation.  At that point we would very likely have a healthy baby.


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