It’s a…..?

Today I had my first visit with the MFM and it went really well.  First, the Ultrasound tech did an abdominal ultrasound with their really fancy Ultrasound machine, and she took some measurements–the back of the neck  (for the Nuchal Translucency Test), the nose, the size of the baby, etc.  I asked her at one point, “is it too early to check what the gender is?” and she said that this early it’s a little hard to tell, but that based on what she saw, she was pretty sure it’s a girl!  They also drew some blood for the Sequential Screening, and together with the measurements they took, that should tell us the likelihood of having a baby with Downs Syndrome or Trisomy 18. 

Then the doctor came in to check the measurements, and do some of her own.  She also said that based on what she saw, she thought it was a girl but that to be really certain, we have to wait until 16 weeks (which is only 4 weeks from now!!!)  Ken and I have decided to keep it a secret until the week of graduation, since at that time everyone will be together: my parents, Ken’s parents, Ken’s grandmother, Ken’s little brother and his older brother with his wife.  We thought it would be fun to do a “Gender Reveal” when we’re all together at dinner on Friday night before graduation.  Now we just need to come up with a fun and creative way to tell everyone!

The doctor also took a couple of 3D Ultrasound photos which were pretty cool… the baby had its leg folded and put its hand on its head.  It looks like the baby’s saying “Oy Vey! Stop taking so many photos of me!” 

The MFM wants to see me every 2 weeks between now and 24 weeks to check the length of my cervix.  For now it looked good, but she said that if at any point it is too short, then she would likely put me on 17-Hydroxy-Progesterone shots to prevent me from going into Preterm Labor, and she might consider a Cervical Cerclage if that were the case.  She also said that I have a Partial Placenta Previa, which means the Placenta is partially covering the cervix.  She said most likely this will correct itself within the next few weeks/months as the baby grows and the uterus stretches out, but that for now she wants me on “Pelvic rest,” i.e. no sex, no exercise and no heavy lifting!  I really liked this doctor and her approach.  She made me feel very at ease about everything, and all of the staff in her office was very friendly.  The doctor also had a 3rd year LSU medical student with her and she’s also pregnant!  She’s 20 weeks and was going to find out tomorrow what she’s having! 

I’ve said this before but I really feel that being “High Risk” is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a curse because there’s more to worry about, there’s more of a risk of all kinds of problems, and it’s just harder in general.  But it’s a blessing because it means that I get seen every 2 weeks, and that if a problem develops we’ll catch it as early as humanly possible and we’ll be able to do something to make sure it doesn’t get worse or continue.  Having ultrasounds also puts my mind at ease a lot because it’s nice (especially this early when I can’t feel the baby moving around) to be able to check up on him/her and find out what’s going on, and how the pregnancy is progressing.  So I go back again on the 26th to see the MFM and the following week I go on May 2nd to see the OB again.


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