Pregnancy Check-In #3: A peach!

Pregnancy Check-In #3

How far along? 13 weeks

How big is baby?

Maternity Clothes? I went to look at the Maternity section at an Old Navy that’s nearby, but they had a tiny little selection.  At least I got an idea of what size I wear, so when I need to, I can start ordering a few things online.  So far my pants and skirts are still fitting (though pants are starting to get a little tight), and most of my shirts are still fitting just fine.  I can tell it’s just around the corner that I’ll start needing some more stretchy pants, and maybe even some maternity pants. 

Sleep? So far it’s not sooooo bad, but the past two nights Ken has been tossing and turning like crazy, so it’s been a little hard to sleep.  It’s made our  need for a queen sized bed quite evident.  Good thing we were already planning on putting out bed (which is a full size) in the guest room when we move, and getting a queen size for ourselves. 

Movement? I thought I felt some little flutters but then my mommy made fun of me for thinking that so early.  I don’t think I’ll feel anything for another 3-7 weeks, since most people don’t feel anything till 16-20 weeks.  I suppose if I’m really in tune with my body and I pay close attention, I could feel something before then, but we’ll see…

Food Cravings/Aversions? I’ve been really craving sushi lately… and I’m technically not allowed to eat sushi cause it contains raw fish, but I am allowed to eat cooked fish in sushi.  I keep saying that we need to go out for sushi, but it still hasn’t happened.   Mostly lately when I’ve been hungry, I’ve been craving fruit.  I’ve been eating a lot of plums, oranges and strawberries.

Gender? Last week at the MFM visit, both the doctor and the Ultrasound Tech independently looked down there and said they were pretty sure it was a girl, but that it’s a little too early to tell for sure.  They said to be 100% certain we need to wait until 16 weeks, and then they can tell us for sure.  My thinking is this, though: it’s a lot easier to say with certainty that it’s a boy (for obvious reasons) than to say that it’s a girl, and they both independently said they thought it was a girl, so I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.  I’ve already started referring to the baby as “her” or “she,” and we’ve started talking about names.

Symptoms? Not too many, t hank goodness. 

What do I miss? Sushi.  And working out (I have a “partial placenta previa” so I’ve been  put on “pelvic rest,” which means no exercise, no  heavy lifting and no sex).  We went on a long walk the other day, but other than walks, I really shouldn’t be doing exercise at this point. 

Best Moment This Week? Our friends Phil & Sabrina had their baby boy on Friday, and Ken and I went to go visit that evening to bring them dinner.  He was 6 lbs. 1 oz. and is the cutest little thing with red hair.  They’re keeping the name a secret until his Bris on Friday morning.

What I am Looking Forward to? Sunday we are going to the Angola Prison Rodeo with our friends Caitlin and Tyler.  It’s a very unique only in Louisiana kind of experience, and something we’ve wanted to do for a while so I’m pretty excited! 

Milestones? This week the baby is forming vocal cords and teeth, and already has fingerprints.  The intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to the belly.  The baby is about 2.9 inches long and weighs about 0.81 oz. and the head is about 1/3 the size of the body.  Pretty exciting! 


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