Movin’ on Up!

No matter how you count trimesters, I am now officially in my 2nd trimester.  Whether you say a trimester is 12 weeks, 13 weeks and 3 days or 13 weeks, I am now definitely in my 2nd trimester because today I am 14 weeks pregnant.  The baby seems to be going through a Citrus phase because this week he/she is a lemon and next week he/she will be an orange.

I don’t really have much news this week… nothing very exciting has happened except that on Sunday we went with our friends Caitlin and Tyler to the Angola Prison Rodeo.  That was definitely one of those “only in Louisiana” kinds of experience.  Basically, it’s a rodeo that takes place on the grounds of the Louisiana State Penitentiary.  All of the participants in the rodeo are inmates, and they compete for money.  Some of the events that were most memorable were the last one, called Guts and Glory: they attach a poker chip to the forehead of a bull, and about 15 inmates were in the arena when the Bull was let loose.  Whoever was able to grab the poker chip from the bull’s forehead won $500.  Another event that was very memorable, was when they put 6 hoola hoops on the ground, and there was an inmate standing in each one.  The last man standing was the “winner.”  The bull would just sort of charge at each of them individaully, so it was really a question of when the bull decided to give up and stop charging.  In addition to the rodeo, there was also a crafts fair, and all of the crafts were for sale.  The most impressive thing we saw was all of the woodwork.  Apparently there’s a woodshop on the prison grounds where inmates are taught how to work with wood.  There was some beautiful furniture, some beautiful bowls and cutting boards and some free-standing kitchen islands with butcher block surfaces.  If we had known that there would be such amazing furniture available for purchase, we would have been sure to take a car with plenty of room in the backseat or trunk, or we might have even considered renting a truck for the day.  Some of the pieces were quite impressive!  The only thing we bought was a little Fleur-de-Lys print.  It’s very pretty, and we’ll always be able to say that we bought it at the Angola Prison!  So other than that I don’t really have much to report… I’ll be seeing the MFM doctor again on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll have some good news after that.  Until then, have a great week!


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