Pregnancy Check-In #5: 17 Weeks!

Pregnancy Check-In #5

How far along? 17 weeks, just 3 more weeks until we’re half baked!

How big is baby? This week, baby is the size of an ONION! 

 Maternity Clothes? I have a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of maternity black dress pants, a dress, a pair of shorts, and a bunch of tops.  I’m definitely going to need some more pants soon, and probably a few more dresses & skirts.  My regular pants no longer fit unless I keep them unbuttoned (but closed using a hair tie) and wear a Belly Band over them.  I’m definitely starting to be visibly pregnant.

Sleep? Yes, please!  If possible, I think I’m more tired now than I was during the first trimester.  Last night, for example, I probably slept for almost 8 full hours (we went to bed by 11 and woke up around 6:45) but I still feel like I could sleep another 5 hours right now.  

Movement? I don’t think so… but maybe a few little flutters here and there.  I can’t wait to feel something and to know for sure that it’s the baby moving.  I also can’t wait until Ken can feel the baby moving from the outside!

Food Cravings/Aversions? Ehh… I’ve just not really been that hungry.  When I am hungry, I find that I want fruit more than anything.  I definitely get hungry more frequently throughout the day but each time I’m hungry I just want a little bit of food… like my usual meal of  Greek Yogurt & Kashi is too big usually, so all I can handle is a piece of fruit or half of a yogurt.

Gender? It’s a girl!!! Tomorrow night, Kathleen and I are going to bake the “gender reveal” cupcakes for Friday night so we can announce it to our family at dinner when everybody is together.

Oh… and since I forgot to post this last week, when I had my ultrasound at 16 weeks and 1 day, here’s the most recent photo of Baby Girl Levin (looks like she’s kickboxing!):

Symptoms? Heartburn, a growing belly, exhaustion…

What do I miss? Working out.  I’m still on “pelvic rest,” so no working out for a few more weeks at least.  

Best Moment This Week? Saturday we went to our friends’ Jocelyn & Nate’s wedding.  The wedding ceremony was in Congo Square (in the rain) under the awning of an abandoned civic auditorium and the reception was at a restaurant in the French Quarter called Tujague’s.  It was a lot of fun and they both looked so happy! 

What I am Looking Forward to? Friday when all of our family is arriving for Ken’s graduation… everybody will be here except our niece and nephew… my parents, Ken’s parents, Ken’s grandmother, both of Ken’s brothers and our sister-in-law.  Friday afternoon we’ve got the Ivy Day Ceremony, when Ken is being presented with the Merck Book Award, Friday night we’re all going out for dinner and we’re doing the “gender reveal,” and then Saturday afternoon is the Medical School graduation!  We will officially be, as Ken has always said, “A Jewish mother’s wet dream: a doctor and a lawyer!”

Milestones? The Bump tells me that Baby’s cartilage is turnign into bone, she’s putting on some fat and she’s growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord.  Baby Center says that the baby now weighs about 5 oz. and is about 5 inches from head to bottom.  She can move her joints and her sweat glands are also starting to develop. Grow baby, grow!


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