18 weeks, the Gender Reveal & Some new Maternity Clothes

Today I’m 18 weeks pregnant… 2 more weeks and I’ll be “Half Baked”!  6 more weeks and I’ll be at “viability”!  9 more weeks and I’ll be in my 3rd Trimester!  This pregnancy thing sure goes by quickly.  I think if I had morning sickness it would have gone by a lot more slowly, but because I’ve been feeling pretty good and pretty normal, it’s gone by very quickly so far.  Now I’m just waiting to feel the first movement I can definitively call a kick, as opposed to possibly just gas or a muscle twitch, or some other normal bodily function.  I also can’t wait until Ken is able to feel the baby kick from the outside! 

So at 18 weeks, BGL (Baby Girl Levin) is the size of a sweet potato:

Over the weekend, our gender reveal went really well… some people were pretty certain the baby was a girl, and some were pretty certain it was a boy, so there were some surprises, but everyone was very excited for us.  It was funny seeing their reaction when we told them that the doctor said there’s only an 80% chance that they’re correct and that there’s still a 20% chance the baby could be a boy, but I’m pretty certain that a wee-wee (we can’t be too dirty on the internet!) doesn’t just show up out of nowhere.  The doctor showed me the baby’s girl parts and it was pretty clear what they were. 

The other exciting thing over the weekend was that I got a whole bunch of maternity clothes!  My friend Sabrina, who now has a 6 week old baby boy, gave me a big box of hand-me-down Maternity clothes that she had received from our Rabbi’s wife.  It included a couple of cute dresses, some skirts and a lot of shirts!  Then my mother-in-law gave me a big bag of maternity clothes, too!  Now the only thing I really need is another pair or 2 of dress pants to wear to work, another pair of shorts, a bathing suit, and maybe another dress or two.  I also might indulge myself and get myself one more pair of jeans.  Other than that I think I should be set for the summer, for the most part!  Of course as time goes on, I may find that I’m wearing more dresses, in which case I might need a few more maternity dresses that are work appropriate (the ones I have now are very summery, but not very professional).  Oh… and of course I’ll need a cute outfit for my Baby Shower!

This week I’m looking forward to my visit with the MFM on Thursday, and to our trip to Florida (Disney & cousins!) this weekend!


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