Half Baked!

This week our baby is confused… she can’t decide what fruit she is! 

Is she a cantaloupe?

or a banana?

In any event, I’m 20 weeks pregnant today and that means I’m half-way there!  I liked the idea of from now on counting backwards… so next week, rather than saying I’m 21 weeks pregnant, I’d say I have 19 weeks to go.  But Ken made 2 good points… 1) If Baby comes early, then it would be weird to keep saying I have 3 more weeks to go, 2 more weeks to go, etc. if Baby is already here, and 2) Math is not fun!

In baby’s world, she’s developing taste buds this week and is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid.  Apparently she’s also starting to produce  meconium (hopefully Ken can change that first diaper!) 

One thing that’s kind of funny is that depending on what I’m wearing and depending on the time of day and how I’m feeling, and who’s looking, sometimes I look pregnant and sometimes I don’t… like there have been people at work who have come up to me to pat my stomach and they’ve asked how the baby is doing, and there are some people who act shocked when I tell them that I’m pregnant.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll actually start to look obviously pregnant, but I guess for now it’s good that I don’t look like I’ve gained a huge amount of weight.  I think it would be really funny once I’m really obviously showing, to answer the question “when are you due?” or “are you expecting?” by bursting into tears and saying “I AM NOT PREGNANT YOU A** HOLE!” and running away… I might have to work a little on my acting skills before then though.


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