21 weeks! 19 weeks to go!

The baby is still confused this week… she can’t decide if she’s a banana or a pomegranate.

 Again, seems to me like there’s a pretty big size difference… Pomegranates weigh a lot more but bananas are much longer, so I guess that’s what they’re trying to get at.  Maybe she weighs as much as a pomegranate but she’s as long as a banana?  I don’t know… all that matters is that she’s growing and becoming stronger and healthier every day!  And in an attempt to avoid any more Charlie Horses in my calf muscles, I’m going to eat a couple extra bananas this week.  Those things are PAINFUL!

 In any event, we are one week closer to V-Day (viability day!) and one week closer to D-Day (due date!).  I know that the next few weeks are going to fly by now that Ken is starting orientation tomorrow and he starts on the wards next Thursday.  Now that we’ll both have a much more normal schedule and we’ll be settling into more of a routine, I just know that the weeks are going to fly by. 

One very exciting milestone we had a couple of days ago was that Ken got to feel the baby kicking from the outside.  That was very exciting!  It just makes it feel so much more real to know that there’s a living thing growing inside of me that’s moving around in there.  Makes this whole thing seem a bit less abstract. 

We realized a couple of days ago that we hadn’t taken any Baby Bump photos since we were in Florida, so we took a couple last night–we had to find a new spot in our new house to take them.  So here’s the best one–technically taken at 20 weeks and 6 days, but we can call it 21 weeks:

and for comparison’s sake, here’s the bump from 18 weeks and 1 day (almost 3 weeks ago):

What do you think?  Is my belly growing?  I think it is… though the outfit isn’t exactly the same.  I’m wearing the same jeans, but different shirts in the two photos.  You still get the idea though… 

This week, baby and I have an appointment on Friday with the regular OB, and then next Tuesday we see the MFM again.  The MFM told me last week that after 24 weeks she only needs to see me every 4-6 weeks, not every 2 weeks like she has been doing.  That made me a little sad because I’ve enjoyed having such frequent visits.  It’s nice to check in on the baby and make sure she’s doing okay.  I suppose if I see the OB every 4 weeks and see the MFM every 4 weeks and they alternate, then I would still get seen every 2 weeks, but it’s not the same… the OB doesn’t have the fancy ultrasound equipment like the MFM does.  My boss told me yesterday that it seems all I do is schedule doctor’s appointments… so apparently she thinks I’ve been having too many.  Well good thing she doesn’t have access to this blog cause I really wanted to tell her to go F*** herself.  My health and my baby’s health is 1,000,000,000,000 times more important than my work, and I’ve been getting everything done that I need to do without letting the quality of my work suffer so I frankly don’t see what the problem is.  I’ve also been skipping multiple lunch breaks each week to make up any time I’ve missed for doctor’s appointments.  I think she’s just jealous and bitter because she’s older than I am, not married and has no children.  Frankly, I don’t know who would ever marry someone like her since she’s one of those people who’s married to her work… her spouse would never see her, and she would make a horrible mother since she would never be home.  Whatever… all that matters is that I’m healthy and the baby’s healthy.  I can’t let my boss get to me or get me too stressed out over something sillly, especially since I”ll only be working here another year and 12 weeks of that year I’ll be on maternity leave.    

Anyways… that’s enough for now… time to go to Training… I have a 3-hour Excel Training this morning!  What fun!  Until next time…


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