23 weeks down, 17 weeks to go!

Baby Girl is back to being confused… this week she’s choosing between a papaya and a grapefruit.  Either way, we’ve made it to 23 weeks and  have just 17 left to go.  Just 4 more weeks until the 3rd Trimester officially starts, and my Baby Shower in San Francisco is just 3 weeks from this upcoming Sunday!

According to The Bump, this week the baby is forming nipples, and she’s able to hear sounds on the outside like dogs barking, car horns honking, and other lous noises like that.  Good thing we went to that 80’s cover band concert a few weeks ago, or she might have gone deaf!

Since my mom was sending out the Baby Shower invitations yesterday, we had to finalize our Baby Registry, so here are some of the big things we ultimately decided on:

The crib/changer, the dresser & the glider are all going to match with Espresso wood:

The carseat & stroller (recommended by several friends who have babies): and the all important crib bedding set:



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