Happy V-Day!

That’s right, Baby Girl and I have made it to 24 weeks, and “viability”!  Originally this was when my MFM was going to “dump” me until she realized that I could still have issues related to my Unicornuate Uterus later in pregnancy as well.  I see her again on Friday and hopefully I’ll see her again in about 2 weeks before I leave for my Baby Shower in San Francisco.  After that I’m okay seeing her only every 4 weeks since my regular OB will be seeing me every 3 weeks for a while, then every 2 weeks then every week.  Soon they’ll start checking the position of the Baby to see if she’s going to be head-down… that will determine whether I have to have a scheduled C-Section or whether they’ll let me attempt a vaginal delivery.  Obviously if I can do a vaginal delivery I’d like to since it’s safer for me and for the baby, but the thought of a C-Section doesn’t scare me since I’ve had two abdominal surgeries before.  I know a C-Section is supposed to be MUCH more painful and MUCH more intense but if I have to, I have to… it doesn’t really scare me.

I’m hoping we’ll learn a lot more about labor and delivery as well as some of the decisions we need to make (epidural? pain medications?  medical interventions?  positions to try during labor?  breathing techniques?) when we go to the Childbirthing Class that we’re signed up for at the Hospital in August.  The first one is on August 8th and it’s a 4-week class that goes over lots of topic related to pregnancy, labor, your stay in the hospital, and the first few weeks home with baby.    

This week the Bump says that the baby is about 10.5-11.8 inches and weighs about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces (at my last appointment the MFM said the baby was measuring to be about 1 lbs. 3 oz, so I guess that’s 19 oz.  It also says that the baby’s see-through skin is slowly becoming more opaque, and that her skin has a new pink glow to it because of the capillaries that are forming.  Baby Center says that the baby’s lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will will help her air sacs inflate once she hits the outside world.

In non-baby related news, our 3-year Wedding Anniversary is on Thursday!  As usual, we’ll be celebrating it a couple of days late… on Saturday night we’re going to dinner at the Flaming Torch, a French restaurant that’s uptown, just off of Magazine Street.  A couple of months ago we bought a Groupon good for $50 at the restaurant so that’s how we’ll celebrate.  I’m hoping we’ll think of something fun to do together during the day as well–a hike, going to the wild animal preserve on the northshore, going to see a movie, something… and we’ve decided to skip presents this year (saving money for the baby!) but we’re getting each other cards.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post a HDBD photo, but it probably won’t actually get posted until Thursday what with my record.  I’m just looking forward to having the day off tomorrow!


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