My MFM is dumping me for the next 9 weeks!

This morning I saw the MFM for my 24-week appointment (yes, we got some cute photos!) and she told me that she doesn’t need to see me again until 32 weeks.  I ended up actually scheduling the appointment for 33 weeks since my mom will be here for Labor Day so she’ll get to come to the appointment with me and I think she’ll get a big kick out of that–she’ll get to hear the heartbeat, see the baby moving around, etc.  (I think my mom is really sad that she’s so far away while I’m pregnant because she doesn’t get to experience the pregnancy with me… she hasn’t been able to feel the baby kicking, she hasn’t come with me to any appointments, she hasn’t gone maternity clothes shopping with me, etc.)  

The doctor said at that time she’ll check to make sure the baby is growing appropriately, and then she’ll want to check me around 37 weeks to check the position that the baby is in.  I guess at that time if the baby is head-down they’ll let me attempt a vaginal delivery but if the baby is breech, the MFM and my OB will need to decide if they want to try an external version (I think that’s what it’s called…) where they try to force the baby into a head-down position, or if they’ll schedule me for a C-Section.  Vaginal deliveries of breech babies are very difficult and can be dangerous and painful, so it’s generally easier to deliver breech babies via C-Section.  I think with my Unicornuate Uterus there’s also a chance that the baby wouldn’t have enough room to maneuver to get into a head-down position that late in my pregnancy. 

Today the doctor said I’m “too healthy” and my baby is “too perfect” and that’s why we don’t have to go see her anymore for a while.  The fluid level looked good, the baby’s heart rate was 132, the baby is measuring at about 1 lb. 8 oz., which the Ultrasound Tech said is right on track.  My Blood Pressure was 105/68 I think… and they seemed happy with that.  My cervix was also long and closed, and the doctor said at this point if it looks that good, it probably won’t have any problems. 

Wednesday morning I see the regular OB and if I remember correctly, she said that from 24 weeks-33 weeks she’ll want to see me every 3 weeks (so again at 27 weeks, 30 weeks and 33 weeks) and then from 33 weeks to 37 weeks she’ll see me every 2 weeks (so 35 and 37) and then she’ll want to see me every week until I deliver (so 38, 39 and 40 if I make it that far).  It’s crazy to think how close that is and how quickly it’s going to go by!  Before we know it, we’re going to be parents to a little baby girl!


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