HDBD & So much to be grateful for!

Today is actually Hump Day Bump Day and I’m not posting the photo a day late, though the photo was taken yesterday at exactly 25 weeks! 

I just had an appointment this morning with my regular OB, and she said everything seems to be right on target… my belly was measuring 23 cm which she said is good for 25 weeks, the heartbeat was in the 140’s, and she liked my response to her question about whether or not I’ve been feeling any fetal movement (I said I’ve been feeling “constant” fetal movement, and she said you can never have too much!)  Now that I’m passed 24 weeks, my OB is switching me to the every-3 week schedule, so I’ll see her again at 28 weeks, 31 weeks, and 34 weeks and then she’ll switch me to either an every 2-week schedule or an every week schedule depending on how things go with me!  The only complaint I had for her is that I’ve been feeling back pain since I woke up this morning.  She said it’s probably sciatica nerve pain.  She said I should maybe start doing some stretches, and possibly some stretches in the pool since it’ll help my back to loosen up a little bit. 

Right now I’m feeling so grateful that I have had (knock on wood!) a very easy pregnancy.  When we first found out that I have a Unicornuate Uterus, we didn’t even know if I would EVER be able to get pregnant, much less if I would be able to carry a baby to term.  So far (again, please knock on wood!) I seem to be having a poster-perfect pregnancy.  Everything’s right on target, the baby’s growing at a good pace, my health seems to be good, I haven’t experienced any signs of preterm labor… everything is going great!  I just hope things continue to sail along smoothly.  The doctor told me that at 28 weeks I’m allowed to have a small glass of champagne to celebrate getting that far!  We’ll call it our V-Day Celebration Part 2!


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