26 weeks

Today we have reached 26 weeks and for some reason this week I’m feeling very blah… I’ve been getting more aches and pains, I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’m starting to feel very nervous about everything.  A lot of people have their nurseries totally put together by this point in their pregnancy and we don’t have anything set up yet.  In fact, the room that is going to be the baby’s room still has 2 of Ken’s dressers in it and we just have a few baby-related items in there that we’ve received as gifts.  I know that there is still plenty of time, but it does scare me a little that we don’t have anything ready yet.  I’m also starting to get nervous about labor and delivery… luckily the childbirth class that we are doing goes over a lot about labor and delivery, your stay in the hospital, and the first few days home with baby, and that starts on August 8th, so just 3 weeks from tomorrow.  I think that class will ease a lot of my fears and give me a better sense of what to expect. 

So let’s see… at 26 weeks, the baby is the size of an eggplant or a head of lettuce, depending on who you ask:

I think this week I’m just feeling very overwhelmed by everything.  I am looking forward to Friday, when I will be flying home to San Francisco for my Baby Shower which is on Sunday at my parents’ house.  I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and a lot of mine and my parents’ friends, and I’m excited for the presents!  I’m a bit sad about leaving this weekend because it turns out Ken has a “golden weekend,” so he has the whole weekend off from work.  I’m sure he’ll find plenty of fun things to do, since his intern class is very social and there always seems to be something going on.  It seems that with his schedule, it’s very up-and-down… he’ll be really busy and have really crazy hours for a week or two, and then he’ll have a slightly easier and lighter schedule for a week, so the weeks he’s busy I’ve been trying to keep myself busy but the weeks he has it a little easier, I’ve been trying to not stay so busy so I can hang out with Ken during the little free time he does have.  He’s been very social lately, partially in an attempt to get all his socializing done now, before the baby comes, since after the baby gets here it will be a bit harder to get out as much.  But it’s left me feeling quite tired… it seems that these days there’s something social going on every day–either we’re having people over or we’re going out to hang out with people.  After we have the baby though, people may have to come to us… we can host people at our house more easily since it won’t involve getting the stroller, the carseat, the diaper bag, and schlepping all that stuff around with us. 

Anyways… I’m sorry for the blah tone of this post but that’s just sort of how I’m feeling today… Blah.


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