Pumpkin Patch Baby Shower, San Francisco Baby Shower & Baby Names!

I feel bad that I didn’t take a HDBD photo this week, and alas, I have no photos to post for you today… but I do have some other exciting news!  On the Bump, I have been posting a lot on the October 2012 Bump Monthly Board–it’s for ladies who are all due in October 2012.  One of the ladies on the board decided to organize a “Pumpkin Patch Baby Shower,” kind of a secret Santa of sorts… basically she used this site called Elfster, where each of  us “drew” a name randomly, and we anonymously can ask that person questions, then we send them a gift.  I drew a lady who lives in Massachusetts, and is  having a girl, and she registered for some adorable things for her baby, so today I sent out her gift– a hooded baby towel.  It’s orange and has a little fish on the hood.  It’s pretty cute!  I’m hoping that whoever drew my name will send my gift soon, too!  I do know that she’s “following” my registry on the Elfster website, so she knows where I’ve registered, and for what. 

In addition to the gift I’m waiting on from my secret Pumpkin buddy, we have also been getting a bunch of gifts from our Baby Registry!  So far we’ve received the baby bath tub, a little giraffe bath toy, and the extra base for our carseat.  Ken’s grandmother also sent us a check with which we are going to buy the carseat (which comes with one base as well).  My mom told me a present came to my parents’ house, and she thinks it’s a CD, but it’s wrapped so I’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out what it is.  Every time somebody buys something off our registry, I get an email notification that informs me that an item has been purchased.  I have the option (if I want) of going on and seeing who bought each present but so far I have resisted the urge to do that.  It’s definitely tempting but I’m going to stay strong and wait until I get the presents to find out!  Even though they’re not technically presents for me (they’re really presents for the baby), it feels like Sunday is going to be kind of like Hanukkah!  I’m so excited to see what everyone got!  My mom also told me that we are going to be decorating onesies at the party, all the way from size newborn up through size 2T, and each person will get to decorate a onesie.  I think that will be a lot of fun and it will be a neat way for the baby to (some day) see how much people were anticipating her arrival!

On a completely separate note, we have narrowed down our names list and we are pretty sure we’ve decided on a name for the Baby (though we’re not going to decide for sure for sure until she’s born).  But… since people other than Ken can read this blog, I’m going to have to keep it a secret because we’ve decided not to share the name with anyone until the baby is born.  You’ll just have to wait until sometime in October to find out!

Have a lovely weekend and I will post an update after the Baby Shower on Sunday!


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