An overnight change!

Up until last week, when people would ask me when my due date is, I would get a response something along the lines of, “Oh! You still have a long ways to go!”  Starting yesterday, when people ask my due date, I’ve been getting responses more along the lines of, “Wow!  That’s coming up really soon!”  It really feels as though this shift happened over night.  Maybe it’s because my due date is the 23rd of October, and we are now in the end of July (in fact, August starts on Wednesday!) but whatever the reason, it’s starting to make me feel very nervous! 

A girl at work got back yesterday from 12 weeks of maternity leave.  She had a healthy baby girl who was born at 35 weeks.  No complications, no stay in the NICU, she came home from the hospital just 2 days after she was born.  If our baby is born at 35 weeks, that’s only 8 weeks away (and it’s before my next baby shower is scheduled!)

Ok… mini freak out moment done!


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