Today’s just one of those days…

Everyone is driving me nuts today!  It’s making me feel like pulling my hair out! 

Seriously… sometimes people just need to mind their own business, and keep to themselves.  There’s a man who works in my department–he’s one of the managers, so he’s on the same level as my boss.  For some reason, he (more than most people) seems to ask me a lot of questions about my pregnancy–every time he sees me, he asks how I’m feeling, how far along I am, how things are coming along, etc.  It’s very nice that he’s so kind about it all and that he cares and what not, but seriously… enough already!  My answer isn’t going to change much from day-to-day, you don’t really want me to be open and honest (i.e. do you really care that I’ve been peeing more, or that I have an increase in vaginal wetness, or that the baby makes me  uncomfortable when she kicks my crotch?!)  And to top it all off, he asks me these questions in places that are rather public… like on the elevator!  Just today, I ran into him on the elevator coming back from my lunch break, and he asks me, “How are you feeling?”  I said, “Fine,” hoping that would satisfy him… then he asks, “how much longer do you have?”  So I said, “13 weeks.”  Then a lady on the elevator (whom I had never seen in my life, mind you!) feels the need to chime in and say that she has 3 kids, all of whom were born 3 weeks early, so really I could have just 10 weeks left… and then she told me that she had very easy labor with all three of them and that after her first, she said “Oh, that wasn’t so bad… I could do that again!”  Then she patted me on the back and said “it’ll go by faster than you think!”

Do people think that pregnant ladies don’t already have enough stress in their lives and don’t already have enough to think about, that they have to make them feel more stressed and more worried about everything?  Because of all of this… I have decided that this weekend, while Ken is on call, I am going to treat myself to a relaxing day!  I’m going to my very first prenatal yoga class at a place called Wild Lotus Yoga, and I’m going to get a prenatal massage at Belladonna Day Spa

For our wedding, a friend of ours at the time gave us a gift certificate for a Day Spa, intending for Ken & I to use it for a Couples Massage, but for some reason we never really found time to do that, so I’ve been slowly spending the gift certificate on myself… for manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. and I’ve decided that now I deserve a prenatal massage so I’m going for it!  A lot of the pregnancy books and websites say that during the third trimester it’s especially important to pamper yourself and relax, in preparation for labor, delivery, and the first few difficult weeks of motherhood, so I’ve decided to actually follow that advice and treat myself a little during these next (+/-) 13 weeks!


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