In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, which is coming up in the month of August, I thought I would put this up on my blog:

Also, next Tuesday (the 7th) I will be going to a meeting of the La Leche League, which is an International Organization that provides information and resources to women who are currently or are planning to breastfeed their babies!  I learned about the meeting when I went to the  prenatal yoga class the other day–apparently they happen monthly at a store in New Orleans called Zuka Baby, which is a store focused on natural parenting.  They have a lot of organic and natural products to use with babies. 

I’m looking forward to meeting some more pregnant women and new mothers and to getting some more information about breastfeeding.  My hope is to breastfeed for at least 12 months, ideally 18 months, but I also know that there will be challenges, especially being a full-time working mother.  I think it will be good to have a support system in place to encourage me and to turn to when I face challenges.  Our Rabbi’s wife has been a great resource and she is very pro-breastfeeding so I know that if I have troubles or need advice or suggestions, she will be a great person to speak to, but it will also be useful to have professionals to turn to–Lactation Consultants or ladies from the La Leche League. 

I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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