My awesome weekend!

Even though Ken had to work all weekend, I ended up having a truly awesome weekend.  It was all about me, which was really nice!  Everyone says that you should pamper yourself in the last weeks of pregnancy because once the baby arrives, it will never be all about you again.  So Saturday morning, I went to my first pre-natal yoga class at Wild Lotus Yoga.  It was taught by a lady who just had a baby 2  months ago, and this was her first time teaching the class after coming back from maternity leave.  The ladies in the class ranged from being 19 weeks pregnant through being 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant (her due date was yesterday but she said she didn’t think she was going to go into labor any time soon, and frankly she didn’t look that uncomfortable yet so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still pregnant a week from now!), so it was nice to be right in the middle.  It was also nice to see the huge range of “normal” sized bellies.  Seeing the ladies who were 32, 36 and 39 weeks pregnant made me a little nervous to know that my belly will be growing a lot in the weeks to come, but it was also nice to just be with a bunch of other pregnant ladies who are all going through the same thing! 

After yoga, I went out to lunch with our friend Liz, to a restaurant called Maya’s.  It’s a “New Latin” restaurant around the corner from our house that I had never been to but had wanted to try for a while.  They were having brunch, and it was very tasty!  I had a “breakfast quesadilla” that had scrambled eggs and cheese inside, with a salsa and avocado slices on top.  YUMMY!

After brunch, I went to Belladonna Day Spa for my prenatal massage.  A prenatal massage doesn’t differ that much from a regular massage, except that there are certain areas of the body they avoid for obvious reasons, and they let you lie on your side with a body pillow rather than having you lie on your belly or on your back.  It was very relaxing and felt really nice!  The only thing I don’t like about massages is that since they use oils or lotions, you feel like you have to shower after having a massage,when really all you want to do after a massage is lie down and go to sleep!  

After my massage, I went home to watch some of the Olympics that we had been recording on our DVR, and then I went on a walk around Audubon Park with this girl, Ani Jane, who I went to law school with.  She and I were never very close in law school, but I always knew who she was.  A few months ago we started playing “Words With Friends” together on our phones, and after I announced on facebook that I was pregnant, she sent me a message telling me that she was also pregnant.  We exchanged a few messages and I thought that was it… then last week she announced on facebook that she’s also pregnant, and that she was feeling kind of lonely and isolated.  I commented on her status to ask if she needed a pregnancy buddy and she then sent me a message that she would love one… I suggested that we go on a walk together or go to yoga together or something, so we finally arranged to go on a walk.  It turns out she’s due 2 days after me!  She doesn’t know yet what she’s having, but she will be delivering at Touro, and her hope is to have a VBAC.  Her son, Owen, is 4 and a half and was born via C-Section, but Ani Jane would really like for this baby to be born vaginally.  I hope it works out for her!  It was really nice just to have someone to talk to who knows exactly what I’m going through.  It also helps that she already has one child, so she can share stories with me and give me some idea of what to expect.  I’m hoping that we continue to do things together through the rest of the third trimester and that once we have the babies we can have play dates and continue to do things together.  It’ll be nice to know another woman going through the same thing at the same time, and to have another baby around the same age to play with.  Plus maybe we can exchange babysitting every now and then… I’ll watch her baby so she can go grocery shopping and then she can watch my baby while I run an errand or two.  Of course a lot of this may be wishful thinking, but in any event, it will be nice to have a friend!  We arranged to go to yoga together again on Thursday evening.  Should be fun!

When I got home from walking with Ani Jane, there was a present waiting for me in the mailbox… it was my present from my Pumpkin Patch Baby Shower gift-giver!  Her “name” is Piffle42, and she sent us a pacifier with a giraffe attached (makes it harder to lose!), 4 pairs of adorable Mary Jane socks, and a rattle.  They were things I “registered” for on Elfster, the website being used to organize the gift exchange. 

To be honest, I wish she had chosen something off our main baby registry, but these gifts are fun, too!  It’s nice cause they’re the kind of things I would never want to buy myself, but I have a feeling we will end up using them a lot. 

It’s funny looking at the collection of baby things we have so far… we have a lot of stuff but nowhere to put any of it yet… we have lots of clothes, lots of blankets, lots of books, a few toys, some bath stuff, etc. but we have no crib (in which to let the baby sleep with the blankets), no dresser (in which to organize the clothes), no bookshelf (on which to place the toys and books), etc. you get the idea!  I know that a lot of this stuff is coming in the next few weeks… my mom is going to be buying us the furniture, but probably not until September, and I know that Ken’s parents are arriving next week with a van full of baby stuff from Jon & Sara, but that’s still a week away.  Slowly but surely things are coming together… and it’s still so hard to believe that we’ll have a baby here soon.  I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy I said I thought it would feel real when I could feel the baby moving… well now I feel the baby moving all the time and I don’t think it will feel real until the baby’s actually here for us to hold and see with our very own eyes!

Well… that’s all for now… time to go get some actual work done (though my boss is out sick today–yay!!!).  28 weeks tomorrow, means we get to have a small glass of champagne with dinner!  HOORAY!


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