28 Weeks. Please pass the champagne!

A few weeks ago when I saw my doctor she said that at 28 weeks I’m allowed to have a small glass of champagne and take a little sigh of relief so that’s my plan this evening!  At 28 weeks, baby is the size of an eggplant.   She’s starting to develop more fat so that her wrinkly skin will start to get smoother, and her lungs are mature enough that she would probably survive if she were born now.  She’s also now able to blink her eyes and she actually has eyelashes on them!  She’s also developing her eyesight so she’s able to see the light that filters through my belly and into my womb.  Her brain is also continuing to develop neurons.  I think from here on out her job is just to grow… to plump up so she has cute and chubby cheeks we can kiss and a soft little baby’s bottom, but at this point most of her organs/systems are fully developed and if she were to be born today, she would (probably) be fine! 

I also have 2 pieces of news…

1) Last night Ken and I met with a Doula for the first time.  Her name was Dana and I actually met her several months ago at our Synagogue’s “Corks n’ Canvas in the Sukkah” program during Sukkot.  She and a few other ladies started a “Collective” of Doulas.  Ken and I both felt very comfortable with her–she answered a lot of our questions and explained what services she, as a Doula, can offer.  We both came away from the meeting feeling like if it’s something we feel we can afford, then it’s probably worth it to have someone else present during labor and delivery.  It is rather expensive ($600 includes a few pre-natal sessions, having her there for the entire time I’m in labor and delivering, and a few post-partum sessions to help with things like breastfeeding, and other post-partum issues) but I think it’s worth it for this important event–the birth of our first child!  Having a Doula means that if Ken needs a break or needs to be relieved for any period of time, there is someone else there who can stay with me to help me work through contractions, and it also means that if I have a C-Section, Ken can go be with the baby after the delivery and the Doula can stay with me to keep me calm and at ease.  Though I would love to have my Mommy there with me, there is a very distinct possibility that she just won’t be in town when I go into labor, in which case it would be very hard for her to get here on time.  Babies come whenever they decide to come, so even if my mom is able to change her plane ticket at the last minute, chances are the baby will come at a time when my mom is not here.  With a Doula we have a guarantee that there is someone in town who can come help out when we need her. 

We’ve decided we’re going to think about it for a week or so and then make a decision but I’m leaning heavily towards wanting to get a Doula.  I feel that it’s a big expense but it’s worth it for such an important occasion.  It’s important that we both feel like this is a positive experience for both of us and I think having a Doula will help to keep us both calm and in a positive mindframe.     

2) My second piece of news is that later this morning we are going to see another daycare center.  It will be the 3rd one I am seeing and the 2nd one for Ken.  This one is called Children’s Place NOLA, and it’s located in Lakeview.  According to Google Maps, it should take me 16 minutes to get there from work, and it’s about 5 miles away from here.  I’m thinking that’s probably not too far… so that if I wanted to, I could go breastfeed during a (slightly extended) lunch break, and it’s nice that it’s sort of half way between home and work.  We’ll just have to see how we like the place and the people.  I do know that this is a brand new building that they built just for the daycare so chances are the facilities are going to be very impressive compared to the slightly older places I’ve seen up until this point.   

That’s all for now… look for a Hump Day Bump Day photo tomorrow!  Until then, have a Happy Tuesday!


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