28 weeks and 1 day Hump Day Bump Day & I can’t believe it’s AUGUST!

Happy Hump Day Bump Day!  Here’s today’s photo, taken by yours truly at 7 AM this morning.  28 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

I’m not going to show last week’s photo as comparison since I don’t really think they look that different from week to week.  I’m thinking at 30 weeks we’ll be able to see more of a difference…

I just have to say… I cannot believe it’s already August 1st!  That’s all.

Now, as far as how I’m feeling these days… EXHAUSTED!  Even though I’m not that uncomfortable when I sleep, and I’m generally able to get a pretty good night’s sleep, I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all.  I just get so exhausted during the day.  Yesterday it got so bad that in the afternoon I was feeling sick from being exhausted and maybe a little dehydrated… I ended up leaving work at 3 and I went home to take a nap from about 4-6:30 PM.  I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow morning so I’m hoping she might have some suggestions… the thing is… Benadryl helps to get me to sleep, and it keeps me asleep for a good while, but when I take it, I wake up feeling so groggy and unproductive.  I need some other solution that will help me get to sleep, stay asleep and feel rested when I wake up in the morning!  I’m a little scared the doctor’s going to say something along the lines of “tough shit lady! Welcome to pregnancy & motherhood!” but maybe she’ll have something that can help…

I’ll keep you posted!


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