Doctor’s Visit Update

I saw the regular OB this morning for my 28 week check-up.  She was in a bit of a rush during my visit today because she had arrived to clinic late (traffic?  children not cooperating getting ready in the morning?  hard to say…) and she seemed somewhat frazzled.  Luckily I was still able to get my questions answered.  My doctor’s appointments lately have been really boring… she listens to the heartbeat (found a strong one with no problem), measures my belly to see where the fundus of my uterus is, goes over any test results (last time I had to have my Glucose Tolerance Test as well as a few other blood tests), and today she felt to see if she could tell what position the baby is in… turns out she’s head-down and facing backwards, which is exactly where we want her!  She did say that there’s still time and space for the baby to move around but if she’s already head-down, it’s likely she’ll stay that way.  She said by 32/25 weeks or so, we should know for sure if the baby’s going to stay head-down. 

The doctor also told me today that she doesn’t think I’ll make it much past 38 weeks (statistics with a Unicornuate Uterus), but that if we get to 36 weeks, we’re “golden.”  Scary thing is… 36 weeks is September 25th.  That’s next month!  That is so soon!  (Unfortunately that’s right when Yom Kippur is–Kol Nidre is the night of the 25th and Yom Kippur day is the 26th).  I don’t feel like knowing that is going to make me do anything differently though… we’ll still probably pack our hospital bag around 32 weeks or so, we’re still planning on going to the August Childbirth Education Series class at Touro, there’s not really much we’ll do differently with that news but it’s crazy to think that the baby could be born next month and would probably be fine, health-wise.


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