29 weeks and overwhelmed with baby stuff!

Today we have made it to 29 weeks!  11 weeks to go until my due date, but probably fewer weeks until the baby makes an appearance!  Really it could be any time now theoretically.  This week baby is the size of an acorn squash, and she’s doing a lot of growing and moving and jiving!

Here’s a kind of funny depiction of what the baby looks like (sort of), though she’s probably upside down still, since at my appointment last week her head was down by my pelvis and her tushy was in the middle of my belly and her feet were up by the top of my uterus (the fundus): 

This week baby measures between 15.2 and 16.7 inches and weighs anywhere from 2.5 to 3.8 lbs. but her weight should triple before she’s born.  She’s growing fat deposits under her skin and her energy is surging because of it (hence all the movement I feel all the time. 

In other news, our house is now FULL of baby stuff… the crib and dresser were delivered yesterday, and Ken’s parents arrived with a van full of baby stuff from Jon & Sara.  We are very grateful that they have given us so much stuff but it’s very overwhelming to get everything all at once and to not really have any place to put it all.  The dresser was in a box but was all in one piece and unable to be disassembled so even with our landlord’s help, there was no way that Ken, his dad and our landlord would be able to get it up the stairs.  For now it’s sitting downstairs, in the area between the dining room and the kitchen.  Ken is hopefully going to be able to get some of the strong men who helped us move come over to carry the dresser upstairs.  The crib, on the other hand, is not assembled, so we’re thinking that Ken and his dad will probably open up the box downstairs and carry the pieces up one-by-one.  We had our house professionally cleaned yesterday morning and then all this stuff got brought inside, so it will be nice to just have places to put everything and to be able to get our house back to the presentable state it was in  yesterday when we first got home from work. 

Looking forward to Hump Day Bump Day tomorrow!  Until then…


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