It’s Hump Day Bump Day!

This morning, possibly because of having gotten enough sleep, or possibly from sleep deprivation, Ken was in rare form (he was being very silly!), and when I asked him to take a photo of me he started saying, in his creepy southern red-neck voice (yes, he has lots of voices), “I’m gonna take a purrrrrty picture of you!”  So naturally I was cracking up, but somehow he managed to snap this one, which isn’t too bad, if I do say so myself!  Here’s me this morning at 30 weeks and 1 day:

We didn’t end up going to our Childbirth Education Class last night, but instead we went to an Irish pub that we frequent–we watched the Orioles game (they beat the Red Sox!) and played Bar Trivia.  Despite having a pretty small team, we came in 2nd place overall and won a $20 bar tab to go back again sometime soon. 

Luckily, the class is flexible and you can go on either Tuesday night or Wednesday night, so tonight we will go for Class 2, the topic of which is Pain Management and Medical Interventions.  I assume they’ll be talking about epidurals, narcotics, etc. and also about things like C-Sections, forceps, vacuums, etc.  Also, they’ll be giving us a tour of the Labor and Delivery Unit during tonight’s class.  I’m a little worried that there will be women going through hard labor while we’re on the tour, and it will terrify me even further, but Ken reminded me that they’ll probably have doors closed to any rooms where women are actually in labor.  I’ll update again after tonight’s class!


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