Furniture & Childbirth Education Class #2

Yesterday, as a surprise to me, Ken put the crib together!  I had asked him earlier in the day if we could assemble it together, and his response was essentially, “No way, Jose!”  He said there was no rush to put it together, but I responded that I thought it would be fun.  So when I got home, he told me, “Don’t go upstairs!”  Ten minutes later he said I could go into the baby’s room, and lo and behold he had put the whole crib together!  Best husband ever?  I think so!  (Though his biggest “best husband ever” prize came on the day that I told him it was International Chocolate Cake Day, and his response was essentially “Go to hell–there’s no way I’m making or buying you a chocolate cake!” then when I got home from work, he had made (from SCRATCH!) homemade brownies that were absolutely scrumptiously delicious!)  Anyway… here’s the crib:

The thing is… each little thing that we get done makes this feel more and more real to me, and somehow makes me feel less and less anxious about the whole thing.  I like to feel prepared and when it comes to getting ready to have a baby, I guess to me, that means having things physically ready for when she gets here–having things set up and organized so we can take her home from the hospital and just get settled into some sort of a routine with her.  Ken’s right that there’s no point in worrying and stressing out about the pain of labor and childbirth because the thing is… there’s no way to know how I will handle the pain until I’m there in the situation.  We can talk and think about coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques but really there’s no way to know how I’ll handle labor until we’re there and in the moment.  So instead, I will focus my energy on things I do actually have control over, like getting things organized and prepared in the nursery!

We don’t have all of the bedding, but we did get the quilt as a gift from my mom’s friends, “the Girlfriends.”  It’s a group of friends she has had since I was about 6 years old.  They have always gotten together for tea or lunch, to celebrate each other’s birthdays, etc. and since I was little, they always included me in their annual Holiday Tea, which would be at a fancy tea room at one of the hotels in San Francisco.  I would get really dressed up in a holiday dress (when I was little they usually had big bows on the back, and I would wear them with black patent leather shoes) and I had to act like a lady when I came to join them.  It was always a special treat for me.  Now that I’m older, they include me in their get-togethers whenever I’m in town.  So anyway, in case you can’t read it in the photo above, the girlfriends got the quilt for the baby and it has the cutest personalized embroidery on it:

It will be so nice once the baby is a little girl, to take her with me to Holiday Tea with the girlfriends each year!  She will get to put on fancy dresses with big bows on the back and black patent leather shoes and I’ll remind her that she has to act like a little lady–with her napkin on her lap, and her elbows off of the table.  It’s these kinds of presents that are often the most special because they have meaning behind them!  For the longest time, I was the “Little Girlfriend” because I was the only daughter of a girlfriend, and now my baby will be the “Littlest Girlfriend!” 

In other news, last night we went to our second childbirth education class.  This one, I found to be much more informative and educational.  We talked about pain management–narcotics, epidurals, and natural ways to manage pain such as hydrotherapy (getting in the tub or shower), movement, guided imagery, hot and cold therapy, Lamaze breathing, etc.  We also talked about Medical Interventions in childbirth such as vacuums, forceps, episiotomies, breaking the water bag, and we also talked about fetal monitoring.  After the educational portion of the class, we were taken on a tour of the Labor and Delivery part of the Family Birthing Center as well as the Post-Partum part of the Family Birthing Center.  In the Post-Partum area, we were taken to the nursery–there were about 7-8 babies in there when we stopped by and they all just looked so tiny.  It was somewhat surreal to see the tiny little babies all wrapped up in their isolettes while feeling my baby kicking and squirming around inside of me.  It still doesn’t seem possible that the little thing that kicks me in the bladder and shoves her elbow into the inside of my belly button is going to come out in a few short weeks as a tiny little newborn who needs our love, care and attention.  When we were standing there staring at the babies, I definitely started to tear up a bit, and I noticed some of the other soon-to-be moms also were wiping tears from their eyes! 

In non-baby news, tonight my friend Leah is arriving from Dallas with her boyfriend, Luke  (whom I have never met).  Leah and I went to  undergrad together (sort of) and I’m so excited that she’ll be coming for the weekend!  They are staying with us until Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately Ken has a rather busy weekend, since he’s on call Friday night and has to work Saturday and Sunday, but he’ll at least get to see them tonight and Saturday night (if he’s not too exhausted after being on an overnight call).  Since Leah & Luke have never been there, I’m thinking I’ll take them to the French Quarter one night to take them to all the classic places… the Carousel Bar, Pat O’s, Preservation Hall, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, and Cafe du Monde, and then I know that one night they are hoping to check out some live music so maybe Saturday night will be a good night to do that–we can find somewhere not in the Quarter to go for some good music.  I’ll also probably end up giving them a little driving tour–I can show them St. Charles Avenue, Audubon Park, the Garden District, etc.  I probably won’t be posting again until next week since I’ll be busy entertaining our out-of-town guests, so until then, have a lovely weekend!


One thought on “Furniture & Childbirth Education Class #2

  1. So excited that you’re too busy entertaining us to blog!! You’ve been amazing hosts and will be amazing parents! Can’t wait to read the rest of the rest of the blog!

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