31 weeks & My day in L&D

First the good news… then the bad news…

The good news: Today I’m 31 weeks pregnant!  Baby’s the size of a pineapple or a squash, and this week she’s about to head into a growth spurt–she’s plumping up by accumulating fat under her skin, and she’s moving around a lot–kicking and doing somersaults.  I know that all the moving is a good thing and a sign that the baby is active and healthy, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be rather uncomfortable at times.  By now all 5 of her senses should be fully developed, so if she were to be born today, she’d be able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste!

And now… the bad news…

Sunday night, most of the night I had cramping that felt just like menstrual cramps.  When I woke up and told Ken about it, he said I needed to call my doctor.  I called the on-call answering service and spoke with the OB on call.  He said, given my description of what I was feeling, it was unlikely to be pre-term labor but that I should go into L&D for monitoring just in case.  So I went in, and to turn a long story into a short one, I got 1.5 liters of IV fluids and two shots of Terbutaline before they sent me home with what they classified as “preterm contractions,” and not as “preterm labor” because the contractions I was having weren’t causing my cervix to dilate and/or efface.  I ended up getting discharged around 2:45 PM, after which time I went home and took a nap, then had dinner and waited for Ken to get home.  To make this week even more the week from hell, this morning I woke up with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, aches and pains, a headache and a feverish feeling (though my thermometer this morning said my temperature was 97.7). 

Tomorrow I see the OB for a regular appointment  (though it’s good that it is 2 days after my day in L&D so I can ask her any follow-up questions that arise from yesterday) and we have our third Childbirth Education class, the topic of which is “Birth and Changes After Delivery.”  I’ll try to get a Hump Day Bump Day photo for tomorrow, too! 

This weekend I’m looking forward to our Synagogue’s Dedication Event!  We’ve got a special Shabbat dinner on Friday night, a special Musical Havdallah Saturday night and then the big Dedication Event on Sunday!  Then next weekend, my mom is coming to visit for Labor Day!  I’m so happy she’ll be here to go through some of the baby stuff with me, and just for the moral and emotional support.  Sometimes a girl just needs her mommy!


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