31 week HDBD photo

Yesterday I was feeling really crappy and today I’m feeling pretty much the same… stuffy nose, scratchy throat, aches and pains, feverish, etc.  So today, I had Ken take a photo of me but it looked HORRIBLE because my nose made me look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and my face looked all puffy from being sick 😦  

I did a re-do in the mirror so you can’t see my face.  I went to see my doctor this morning, and she gave me the best news I’ve heard in a long time… I can take whatever medication I want now (within reason) so this afternoon I’m definitely going to go out to the drug store to get some Tylenol Cold or Dayquil or Sudafed and I’m going to kick this upper respiratory infection in the butt! 

My appointment this morning was good… doctor said my BP was good, my weight was good (gained 3 lbs. since my last appointment 3 weeks ago), my belly was measuring about 29/30 cm. which she said was right on track given my due date.  She checked my cervix for the first time and said it was high and closed, which is exactly how we want it to be now.  The baby’s heartbeat was good… the only bad news she gave me was that the baby is still head up (like she was on Monday).  Luckily though, there’s still time and plenty of space so she could still spin around and go head-down but for now she likes being upright apparently! 

My next appointment with my OB will be in 3 weeks, and after that she’s switching me to the 2-week plan for a couple of weeks, and then to the 1-week plan!  I am also seeing the MFM again on September 4th, the day after Labor Day (when my Mommy will be here and will come with me to the appointment!) 

That’s all for now, folks!  We’ve got our 3rd Childbirth class tonight, so I’m sure I’ll have another update after that.  Until then… have a lovely Wednesday!


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