No Clever Title

I have a bunch of random things to talk about today so this post is going to be somewhat random and rambling.  For that, I apologize in advance.  It’s not all baby-related but there’s just a lot on my mind today. 

Last night I went to my second pre-natal yoga class.  This one was taught by a different instructor, and it was lovely!  We did a couple of poses or stretches that I’m going to try to remember because they felt really nice… one felt really good for my hips and another felt really good for my lower back and pelvis.

After the class, I asked the instructor if she knows of any poses that are particularly good for encouraging a breech baby to flip around and go head-down.  She suggested doing a lot of the poses that involve going on hands and knees–I think they’re called the cat and the cow, or something like that… I have a feeling Ken would laugh at me doing some of these poses, so I’ll probably try to sneak in some time to do them every day while he’s at work! 

It’s hard to believe, but there are now only 60 days left until my due date, but G-d only knows how many days there are until the Baby makes an appearance.  All I know is that each day brings us closer and closer to meeting our Baby Girl!  As the time gets closer, I get more excited while also getting more nervous.  So 60 days to go!

This weekend we have much to celebrate.  The 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is coming up on  Wednesday, and this weekend, partially in honor of that, our synagogue, Beth Israel, is having their big dedication weekend.  Before Hurricane Katrina, Beth Israel was in a building in Lakeview that was destroyed during the storm.  The whole Jewish community was devastated by the loss, but because of some strong-willed and dedicated individuals, the Beth Israel community has been slowly rebuilding itself.  For the past 7 years they borrowed space in a Reform Synagogue in Metairie, and we’ve been having services in there.  Ken and I became involved with Beth Israel shortly after we moved here in the Summer of 2008.  It has been a very welcoming, warm and loving community to become a part of.  Over time, the Beth Israel leadership decided that it was time to build a new building, and so over the past couple of years we saw them pick a spot, go through discussions about what the building should look like, pick a contractor, clear the space, break ground and now finally the building is done and this weekend is the big Dedication weekend for the brand new building. 

There is a famous picture that appeared in newspapers around the world, of someone (a relief worker?  A Jewish volunteer? A rabbi?) carrying one of the Torah scrolls out of the old Beth Israel building and I think it only begins to touch on the devastation that Katrina brought to the Jewish community of New Orleans. 

But this weekend, we’re celebrating the renewal, the dedication, the rebirth of Beth Israel.  Here’s a photo of the new building.  Walking into it the first time a few weeks ago for services brought tears to my eyes.  Even though I was not here and was not personally affected by Hurricane Katrina, I have been a part of this community and I have felt the warmth and strength that the community has a whole and that many individuals have.  People have dedicated their whole lives to Beth Israel and have thrown so much of themselves into it.  I’m sure that this weekend there will be lots of laughter and tears, remembering what happened but also celebrating what is to come. 

It’s kind of ironic that while all this is going on this weekend, there is a Tropical Storm, Isaac, brewing and heading towards Florida, then Cuba, and then possibly into the Gulf and towards New Orleans.  As of right now (11 AM on Friday morning), New Orleans is within the 5-day cone showing the likely path of the storm, but as we’ve all learned, the cones don’t necessarily mean much of anything and a lot of this will be a wait-and-see game.  Storms change paths all the time depending on weather conditions, currents, temperatures, winds, etc.  

Of course it’s important to have a plan–what would we do if a storm were in fact headed towards New Orleans and we were told that we needed to evacuate… now that Ken is a resident, he’s considered to be a necessary personnel so I could leave, but Ken probably wouldn’t be able to.  Where would I go?  Would I take the cats?  What if I were to go into labor while evacuated and miles away from Ken?  A couple of weeks ago we were talking about what our plans would be and I think that this close to my due date, and knowing that I’m at risk of going into preterm labor, I would probably choose to stay in New Orleans if a storm were headed this way (unless, of course, there were a mandatory evacuation).  I would park my car somewhere high in a garage, and I would probably stay home with the cats unless something happened, in which case I would head to the hospital (hopefully I could get an ambulance or police officer to drive me there if necessary!).


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