8 Years Ago Today…

8 years ago today it was Sunday, September 12th, 2004.  It was 3 days after my 19th birthday, and I had just started college classes less than a week before.  When I first arrived at college, I knew I wanted to become involved with the Jewish community on campus, so I went to Hillel and signed up to participate in their H2O program, which stood for “Hopkins Hillel Orientation.”  They had a bunch of events… a bagel brunch, an ice cream social, and a trip to an Orioles game, just to name a few.  I had always been into baseball so I signed up and got a ticket to the Orioles game… it was against the Yankees.  On the bus on the way there, I sat next to this girl, Jamie, who had been trying to convince me to audition for the Jewish acapella group on campus.  At the game I sat next to her, and she was sitting next to her friend, Ken.  Jamie kept trying to engage me and Ken in conversation and the three of us spent the first 4 innings talking.  At some point, Ken and Jamie got up to get lunch and when they came back from lunch, they switched places so that I was sitting next to Ken.  We talked the entire rest of the game, we sat next to one another on the bus heading back to campus, and that evening after my audition (I did get into the acapella group!) we went out to dinner.  The next day we went on a long walk around campus, and we had both lunch and dinner together… three and a half years later, we got engaged (December, 2007), then we got married (July, 2009), and now we’re expecting our first baby! 

It’s amazing to think back to the little choices that you make in life and how much they can affect your life in the long-run.  It’s also amazing to think how different things would have turned out if you had made slightly different choices, but it’s important to be grateful that each of the choices you did make put you where you are today.  I’m so happy that I got into Hopkins off of the waiting list, that I ultimately decided to go there, that I participated in the H2O program, and that I decided to go to the Baseball game that day 8 years ago because otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

I love you, Ken!  (Even though (as I like to remind him all the time) he was wearing a Yankees jersey on the day I met him!)  He quickly renounced the Yankees and became an Orioles fan!  And here he is at his most recent Orioles game, earlier this season:   


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