C-Section Tentatively Scheduled

So on Friday, Ken and I went to see my regular OB.  She did the standard things… she measured my belly, she listened to the baby’s heartbeat, I gave them a urine sample, etc. and then we started talking about my visit from the previous week with the MFM.   The MFM told us that the baby’s breech and that she would absolutely in no way recommend doing an External Version, and that a vaginal breech delivery is way too risky.  Well on Friday, we got a very different answer from the regular OB.  She explained that in 2 weeks (on the 28th), she can do an Ultrasound to check on my fluid levels, and that if there’s enough fluid, she is willing to consider doing an External Version to try to turn the baby.  This would be done in the Operating Room at the Hospital so that if anything were to happen, she could stop and do a C-Section right then and there if necessary.  An External Version does not necessarily guarantee that I can have a vaginal delivery since it still depends upon my uterus’ ability to contract normally, and it depends upon the baby staying in a head-down position, but it makes it more likely and it at least makes it possible for me to attempt a vaginal delivery and to know that we did everything possible to have a vaginal delivery (if that’s important to me).  There are a lot of risks involved too though… a risk that the baby could go into distress, a risk that the procedure would cause me to go into labor, etc. etc.

And… in the event that we decide not to go for an External Version, or that we do try an External Version and it’s not successful, we have tentatively scheduled my C-Section for Tuesday, October 16th at 8 AM.  Of course that’s very tentative since there are still a lot of unknowns… my body could decide to go into labor any day now, theoretically, in which case we would just go in and they would do a C-Section (if the baby’s still breech) or they would let me labor (if the baby has miraculously turned head-down).  So now, we just have to decide… and really we don’t have to make any decisions yet… if we want to pursue an External Version or not.  Luckily we still have 11 days before my appointment and that gives us time to weigh our options and really make a decision.  And it’s possible that the decision will be made for us–I may not have enough fluid, or I may go into labor naturally between now and then… there are a lot of unknowns.  It seems to me that a C-Section is the most likely outcome anyway because if we decide not to do the External Version, I’ll have a C-Section, and External Versions are only about 60% effective, so even if we do decide to try the Version, there’s still a 40% chance I’ll need a C-Section.  We just have a big decision to make in the next couple of weeks. 

After the appointment on Friday, we had a lovely weekend… it was kind of low-key, which was nice since I feel like we haven’t had a very low key weekend in a while, and I feel as though I can use all the down-time and R&R I can get these days.  One of the highlights of the weekend was on Saturday evening when we went out for dinner with some friends, and some of the friends had their 3-month old baby girl with them!  Ken and I both had a chance to hold her, feed her, burp her, etc. and it was a lot of fun to see that the parents, though tired and busy with a newborn, are still able to get out and socialize with friends.  I took a couple of adorable pictures of Ken holding the baby and I sent them to his parents and to my mom. 

Of course they asked (jokingly, I hope, since they know we’ll call them as soon as there are any signs of labor) if something had happened that we didn’t tell them about.  Ken also let me use his stethoscope to listen to the Baby’s heartbeat, which was very exciting!

Up until now, we’ve only ever been able to hear it in the office with a Doppler but now that the baby’s big enough, we can hear it through my belly using Ken’s stethoscope.  That was pretty exciting! 

And… on another note, it’s Rosh Hashana!  Last night we went to services at our Synagogue, and then we went to dinner at the home of one of the ladies who is a member of the Shul.  She is older (like our parents’ age) and has grown-up children, so she is very motherly and nice.  It was nice of her to invite us over for dinner, and we had a lovely time at her house.  I didn’t feel comfortable asking for time off for the Jewish holidays because I’ve already taken so much time off for doctor’s appointments, for being in the hospital, etc. etc. and I just want to save my time off for when the baby is born… but I’ll be going to services this evening.  Then tonight after services, we have been invited to the Rabbi’s house for dinner, which should also be a lot of fun! 

In the next several weeks there are a lot of very exciting things going on that will make the time fly by… it’s so hard to believe that our baby girl will be here in less than a month now!  Crazy!  So what’s going on between now and then? 

  • Today & Tomorrow: Rosh Hashana
  • Friday: Visit with Pediatrician
  • Sunday: New Orleans Baby Shower!
  • 9/26: Yom Kippur
  • 10/1: first day of Sukkot
  • 10/3: Corks n’ Canvas in the Sukkah
  • 10/6: Sukkah Hop & Pey Dalid Concert
  • 10/7: We have tickets to go to the Saints game!
  • 10/8: Simchat Torah Buffet Dinner

And then… if I still haven’t had the baby, October 12th will be my last day of work, and the 16th is our Scheduled C-Section! 

Tomorrow we’ll be at 35 weeks (which also means there are 35 days left until my official “due date”), and Wednesday will be the Week 35 Hump Day Bump Day!  Until tomorrow… have a lovely Monday!


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