35/35 (28)

Today we have reached 35 weeks, and that means there are just 35 days left until my due date!  But… if we end up going with the scheduled C-Section on October 16th, then there are only 28 days left until we get to meet our Baby Girl!  The C-Section is scheduled for exactly 4 weeks from today.  As our Rabbi often says, “UNBELIEVABLE!”  So at 35 weeks, I think the Bump is running out of fruits… baby girl is the size of a Honeydew Melon (just like last week) or a Coconut (though as Ken pointed out, “she better be bigger than a coconut!  They’re small!”)

At this point there aren’t really any more big milestones in terms of baby’s development–she’s pretty much fully developed, as long as she’s going to be when she comes out and she’s probably just plumping up a bit over the next few weeks.  The baby is still breech from what I can tell, and I feel her head up in my lungs, and by my ribs on the left hand side all the time.  Because of that, I’m most comfortable when I’m lying down or standing up but sitting up can be rather uncomfortable because it often feels like she’s pressing into my lungs and it makes it hard to breathe.  But on the upside to that, it means I have a little shelf to rest things on just under my boobs and above my belly!  I tried putting a cup on there the other day but then realized that I was basically putting a cup on top of the baby’s head, and I thought better of that idea. 

The thing that’s been bugging me the most lately are 2 questions that everyone asks me:

#1) How are you feeling?

#2) Are you ready?

These questions are supremely annoying because people don’t really want to hear the answers to them… they just want me to say, “oh I’m feeling great!”  and “yeah, we’re ready!  We have everything we need all set up!”  But if I actually give them the real answers, then they will get their heads talked off for 5 minutes and I will have to complain to them.  So I have definitely learned to never ask a pregnant woman those questions unless you legitimately want to know and want to listen to her for 5 minutes.


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