36 Week Update

Today we have reached Week 36!  One week until I’m officially “Full Term,” 3 weeks until our scheduled C-Section, and 4 weeks until my actual “due date.”  CRAZY!  Baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon and I must say, this week I do feel like I’m carrying around a Honeydew Melon in my belly. 

This week I’ve started to feel very uncomfortable.  I think it’s probably because the baby is breech, but it constantly feels like there is something (the baby’s head) pressing up into my left lung, making it hard to breathe.  I’ve also been getting a lot of menstrual-like cramps down low, which can be very uncomfortable at times.  And, that irrational fear I mentioned last week, that anytime I go to the bathroom my water is going to break… yeah, that fear has only intensified, to the point that whenever I go to the bathroom at work, I bring my phone with me just in case I need to text or call anyone to tell them my water has broken and that I need a ride to the hospital.   

Thanks to 3 of my dear friends, I had my third (and final, as far as I know) baby shower on Sunday.  It was really a lot of fun and we got so many awesome presents!  At this point we pretty much have everything we need for the baby… the only “big” (and by big, I don’t mean large in size but important) thing we need for the baby is the Monitor, and honestly we probably don’t even need it for the first week or so.  Ken’s parents are getting us the stroller and all the accessories that go along with that and there are a few other small things that we should probably try to get between now and the time the baby makes her appearance, but it’s not a big deal if we don’t have them beforehand, since we can always send my parents out to run some errands for us while we’re in the hospital.  We could use some wipes, the crib pad (kind of like a mattress pad that goes between the crib and the sheets), some newborn-size diapers (unless the baby is huge and comes out already wearing size 1), and maybe a little bookshelf for the nursery.  We could also probably use some bottles so I can store any breast milk I start to pump in the first few weeks, and maybe a few other little things here and there but we pretty much have all the big ticket items we wanted.  The one last luxury item I may treat myself to, just since I think it pulls the crib together, is the bumpers for the crib… but other than that I really think we’re all set!   

One person who it was really nice to see at the shower was my friend Sabrina, who traveled all the way from Maryland with her (almost) 6-month old baby boy.  She already had planned to be here this weekend, and then it just happened to be that the shower was this weekend, so it worked out nicely that she got to come.  It was very special to have her there and to see her after so many months.  She and her husband moved from New Orleans to Maryland in May, right after the boys graduated from Medical School, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen her.  Her son is absolutely adorable–he smiles all the time and he’s really at the age where he’s starting to be more interactive, so it was really fun to see them!  After the shower, they came over and we went out to dinner, but before we left for dinner, Sabrina put the baby on his belly on the rug in our living room.  Boudreaux, our cat, who had never seen a baby before, looked very curiously at the baby… he walked up to him, sniffed him a little, walked cautiously around him, and then acted as though he was a little scared of him.  It was definitely interesting to see his reaction to the baby and it made me feel better about how he’ll (hopefully) react to our baby when we bring her home from the hospital. 

Well… that’s all I’ve got for now… we’ll hopefully get a good HDBD photo for you tomorrow, though it is Yom Kippur tomorrow, so perhaps it would be inappropriate (?).  Until then… have a lovely Tuesday!


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