Update After Doctor’s Appointment

Well I saw the MFM this afternoon.  I didn’t see the MFM I normally see because my regular MFM was on the L&D Floor today, but I saw one of her partners.  He did an ultrasound (though sadly I didn’t get any pictures to take home) and everything was looking great with the baby.  There was plenty of fluid, the measurements of the baby’s abdomen and head looked good, the baby’s heart was beating beautifully and she was even practicing breathing.  She was also moving around a lot during the scan, so the doctor and the ultrasound tech both said she had good movement.  They predicted the baby’s size at about 6 lbs. 9 oz. 

Since I’m not seeing my regular OB this week (she’s out of town at a conference until Saturday), I asked the MFM to do an internal exam as well… he said my cervix was high and closed (whereas my regular OB said on Friday that I was about 1 cm. dilated).  The MFM said it could just be that he has bigger fingers than my regular OB but he said my cervix was definitely not quite ready.  I asked him (because Ken wanted me to) if he could predict when the baby might come, and he said that was a very silly question… but he doesn’t think I’ll be going into labor anytime within the next week or so.  He thinks I could very well make it to my scheduled C-Section date of 10/16.  He told me it seems as though the baby is still pretty high up, because when he did my internal exam, he felt that her tushy was still pretty high and she doesn’t seem to have dropped at all.  So it looks like we could have another 13 days before we meet our baby girl, after all!  Of course I want her to stay in and bake for as long as possible but I am definitely starting to feel impatient and I would just like to meet her already and get started on this whole having a baby thing! 

Well… my next appointment is on Monday with the regular OB so hopefully I’ll have another update then!  We’ll be at 38 weeks on Tuesday and I should have my last HDBD photo on Wednesday.  I’m thinking that starting on Saturday (10/6) we’ll start with a more official countdown… 10 days until baby!


One thought on “Update After Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog while researching my Unicornate Uterus. Mine wasn’t discovered until I had my c-section with my son. I’m now pregnant with #2 and concerned about the care (or lack there of) that I’m receiving. I would love to ask you a few questions via e-mail if you’re OK with it. Mine is in the comment box. Thanks!

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