I’m officially a Blogger for The Bump!

That’s right, I had a blog post published today on TheBump.com’s blog!  Here it is:


The way this all got started is that a few weeks ago, one of the ladies who works for TheBump posted that they were looking for some new bloggers and she said we should email her if we were interested in becoming a blogger for them.  So I emailed her, and she wrote back explaning how it would all work.  It sounded like something that would be fun and interesting to get involved with so I went ahead and signed up!  I wrote my first post a few weeks ago, and submitted it, then she read it and sent back some editing suggestions.  So I edited it and re-submitted it and it was just published today! 

Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed and I feel that now this gives me just a little bit of incentive to do even more of it.  Now that I know someone’s counting on me to write, I’ll be more inclined to do it.  Also, even though I know things will be hectic after the baby is born, I think that blogging will be a really nice way for her to find out what it was like when I was pregnant with her, what was going through my mind, and what it was like in the first few days, weeks and months of her life.  I’m sure that once the baby is born and once I get settled into motherhood, this blog will change and evolve–it won’t be so much about getting pregnant and being pregnant but it will be about poopy diapers, breastfeeding, sleeping habits, getting the baby to eat solid foods, etc. etc. then some day it might be about getting pregnant with BGL’s little brother or sister… who knows?!  I just know that it would have been really neat to read something like this when I was younger, about what my mom’s pregnancy was like.  Sure, there are photos but there’s not really a day-to-day account of what it was like to be pregnant, what was on her mind in the weeks leading up to my birth, etc. 

And one especially cool thing is that every post I write for TheBump will have a link to my bio, which now has a link to this blog, so this blog will (hopefully) start to get a bit more traffic from that!  So readers… feel free to leave me a little note to let me know how you stumbled across this blog, and what you think of it!  I would love some feedback and suggestions!


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