End of Pregnancy Annoyances

So as I think I’ve mentioned on here before, I’ve been very blessed to have an easy pregnancy overall… I didn’t have any morning sickness, I haven’t been too  uncomfortable, I haven’t gained a HUGE amount of weight, I didn’t really have any cravings to speak of, I haven’t had a lot of swelling, it’s really been pretty easy (except for a few little things in the third trimester that put me in the hospital).  But now that I’m in the home stretch, every little thing that people say and do is driving me bananas and making me want to punch them in the face… I’m feeling very stabby this morning (so I apologize in advance for my language) towards everyone except a few select people (Ken should count his  lucky stars that he has not yet made the list of people who are annoying me!  Also on that list are my mother, 2 of my coworkers, and a few other select individuals) so here is yet another list of things that are really annoying to say or do to pregnant women, especially as they approach their due date…

1) Every morning when I walk into work, some idiot feels the need to say something along the lines of, “Oh!  You’re still here?!  No baby yet?!”  Don’t say stupid shit like that.  What am I supposed to say in response?  “Yes, still here, obviously,” or “Oh yeah, she was born yesterday… I left her at the hospital and decided coming to work was more important!”

2) DO NOT ask me if I’m ready.  If I said yes, I would be lying, but if I say no, then you ask me why and I don’t want to tell you that saying yes to that question is always a lie.  Nobody is ever “ready” to have a baby.  You may think you’re ready but nobody is ever really ready.  Nobody ever really knows what it’s going to be like until they’re there, right?

3) DO NOT ask me if I’m excited.  This is the dumbest question ever… I’m about to have a baby, of course I’m excited you dip-shit!

4) This is more of a personal one, since some people choose to do things differently, but personally I’m sick and tired of people asking me if we’ve picked a name yet.  We have a short list of names we are still considering, and we have not settled on one yet.  Even if we had, we wouldn’t tell anyone because we’ve decided to keep it a secret.  So stop asking!

5) If you don’t know my name, then you should not be asking me when I’m due, if I’m going to breastfeed, what type of delivery I’m planning, etc.  If you just see me on the elevator but you have no idea who I am, don’t ask me anything about my pregnancy.  It’s none of your business.

6) Stop telling me to “get as much sleep now as you can!”  If you’ve ever been pregnant (or been married to a pregnant person), you know how impossible that is at this point in pregnancy. 

7) Don’t call me, text me, email me, send me a facebook message, etc. asking if the baby is here yet.  Believe me, if you’re an important enough person in our lives, you will know when the baby is here. 

That’s all for now… I’m sure I’ll think of others soon enough!


2 thoughts on “End of Pregnancy Annoyances

  1. I started following your blog on the bump.com and I was excited to be able to find a link to the entire thing; you’re a fantastic writer and I loved reading your blog! I must’ve read every entry in two or three days! I’m Excited to follow the rest of your journey.

  2. I’m 11 days overdue. I am about to commit homicide. If one person asks me if I’ve had the baby, omg!!!!! I don’t understand!!!! My husband stayed home this week even though I told him I would tell him when i need him but he didn’t listen so he got my holy wrath this morning and I don’t feel guilty at all. This post hit the spot. I am so over other people.

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