Back to Work

When I’m at home with Julia, I don’t really have much time to spend on the computer, so I haven’t been keeping up with my blog very well but now that I’m back at work (today is my first day back) I will have a bit more time to keep it going (it helps that I spend the entire day on the computer when I’m at work)!  I have been holding up surprisingly well today, given that today is the first day I’m away from her for more than 3 hours.  I’ve only been crying when someone says something like, “Oh! You’re back?!”  It helps that Julia is at a daycare close to where I work, so I can go visit her during my lunch break today (I’m leaving in 8 minutes to go visit her!).  I also spoke with my supervisor this morning, and she is going to let me start working 7:30-3:30 without a lunch break starting tomorrow, so that way the baby will only be at daycare for 8 hours instead of 9, and I’ll be able to be home with her for a good part of the afternoon.  I’m also hoping that will help with breastfeeding, since I’ll only have to pump 4 times when I’m at work and I’ll be able to just breastfeed her the rest of the time.

For now I just wanted to say I’m back and should be able to blog more regularly now, but in the not-too-distant future, I have some bigger, more content-heavy blog posts up my sleeve.  I’ll just leave you with a few photos of my beautiful baby girl (who holds her head up like a pro now, and has started laughing a little bit!)   image






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