Exciting Weekend for Julia!

This weekend was a big one for Baby Julia!  Friday night we took her to Shabbat services and dinner at the Rabbi’s house.  She was very well behaved throughout services and dinner, and we had a really nice time.  Saturday Ken was on call but while he was working, Julia and I went to services at our other synagogue.  I got a call from the Sisterhood a few weeks ago, informing me that they were having a special Sisterhood Shabbat and they wanted to know if I would have an Aliyah or read from the Torah.  I didn’t feel that I would have the time to learn a Torah portion so I accepted an Aliyah.  Julia came with me up to the Bimah for the Aliyah, and then after services we stayed for the Kiddush Luncheon.  All the grandma-types were very excited to see her, and she even flashed a few smiles!

When we got home from services, she took a little nap in her crib while I got ready to head out–in the afternoon we met a High School Senior named Ahmad, who is applying to Hopkins and we interviewed him at Starbucks.  After that, we met up with my friend Kathleen for hot chocolate at Sucre, and then we went to visit with Liz and her mom.  Julia had some tummy time at Liz’s house while Liz’s mom made chicken curry with rice and asparagus for dinner.  They were very nice to invite me over for dinner when I mentioned that Ken was on call that night.  We had a lovely dinner, and then Liz drove us home.  tummytime with Liz

Sunday morning we went to Audubon Park for a photo shoot with one of the mommies from the Mommy & Baby play group I went to while I was on Maternity Leave.  She sent me two of the photos after she edited them, and we’re still waiting for the rest.  I’ll definitely share the rest once they’re ready.  I just love the way Julia’s eyes look in these photos!  photoshoot2


For the photo session, she wore this really cute “King Cake Baby” onesie that our friend Emily got us and she also wore the Mardi Gras colored sweater that my mom knit for her.  Once Ken got home from the hospital (he got out much earlier than he expected), we went out to brunch at Coulis and then went to a Krewe of Tucks toilet brush decorating party.  Several of the Mardi Gras krewes decorate various things for their parades–Muses decorates shoes, Zulu decorates Coconuts, Nyx decorates purses–so Tucks is decorating toilet brushes this year!  After the party, our friend Tyler came over to watch the Ravens vs. Patriots game (the Ravens won, which made Ken very sad) and then we went to bed.  Julia slept in her crib last night for 8 and a half hours!


Overall it was a great weekend–I think she has turned the corner… she is no longer a newborn and has definitely become an infant. She’s much more interactive, spends a lot less time being fussy and she is just a joy to watch and play with.  I’ve said this before and I really think it’s true–each day with her is just better than the last.  Being a mother is truly a joy because you get to see your child grow and develop into a little person with her own personality and her own little quirks and mannerisms.  I look forward to each new day to see what new thing she’ll discover or what new thing she’ll be able to do!


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