I’ve become a bag lady!

Somehow, becoming a mother has turned me into a bag lady!  I used to make fun of my own mother all the time because she would often have 3-7 bags with her… one for her purse, one for her lunch, one (or three!) for her knitting, one for toys for me, one for my lunch, etc.  Now I’m becoming that bag lady who I used to make fun of all the time!  See… since Julia’s daycare is on my way to work, it’s easiest for me to drop her off.  Since it’s on my way to work, it’s also on my way home from work, so I pick her up, too!  (Although I’m still trying to convince Ken that it would be great bonding time for him to pick her up from daycare and spend the afternoon with her!  This way he can figure out how to put her to sleep for naps, and he can play with her.  Especially once the weather is a little nicer, they could stop for a walk around the park…)  Anyways… back to all my bags… when I leave the house in the morning, I have to bring the following things with me:

1) Julia in her carseat

2) Purse for myself, which contains my wallet, my phone, my keys, headphones, gum, chapstick, some pens, my personal calendar book, and a few other random goodies.

3) Diaper bag: This contains diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a couple of burp cloths, my nursing cover, the Baby K’Tan (carrier), and a few other odds and ends.  This I need, in the event that we make a stop or two on our way home from daycare.  I wouldn’t want to stop at the grocery store, have her have a major blowout poopy diaper, and not have diapers and wipes with me!  Here’s the diaper bag we have–it’s made by Skip Hop:diaper bag

4) Daycare bag: This bag contains Julia’s bottles for the day along with anything else the daycare has asked us to bring–diapers and wipes (which we have to provide just about once a month and they keep there), changes of clothes, etc.

5) Lunch bag: Now that I’m working 7:30-3:30 without a lunch break, I bring both my breakfast and my lunch with me to work, as well as a snack usually.

6) My Breastpump: I have the Medela Pump-In-Style, which comes in a handy dandy little black packpack… unfortunately the backpack isn’t quite big enough to keep anything other than the cooler bag that stores the milk I pump each day and the pump parts. pumpSo… somehow… I need to figure out how to not look like such a frazzled bag lady in the mornings.  I already have to make two trips as it is to the car in the morning: first I go and put my pump, her daycare bag and the diaper bag in the car, and then I come back to the house to get the baby and my purse and lunch.  Clearly the answer is combining bags but the question is which bags to combine?  The logical approach would be to combine my purse and my lunch bag, but that still leaves me with a lot of bags!  Any suggestions from other mommies out there?


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