Funny story!

So you know how yesterday I posted about how I’ve become a bag lady?

Well last night when I got home from work, there were no parking spots on our block and I had to park around the corner… as I was walking from the car back to the house with the baby in her carseat in one hand, my purse and the diaper bag around my shoulder, and my breastpump and the baby’s daycare bag in the other hand, this man (he was maybe in his 40’s), who looked like he was walking home from the bar (if you know what I mean), said to me, “You’ve got quite a haul there!”  His comment further cemented in my mind the fact that I have become a bag lady.  It’s time to make some changes!

On another note, in preparation for the Superbowl, Julia says, “GO 49ers!!!”  I can’t remember who gave us this onesie, but someone did… we also have Ravens onesies (that Ken wants to dress her in), but I figure that whoever gets her dressed and picks out her clothes gets to decide what she wears and therefore who she roots for!  So… if Ken even knows where the Ravens onesies are (I know where they are but I certainly won’t point them out to him!) and if he feels like changing her clothes then he can get a picture of her rooting for the Ravens, but until then, she’s ready to cheer on her mommy’s former hometown team! 49ersonesie




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