Mardi Gras Parades!

This past weekend was lots of fun for us and for Julia!  Friday night we went out to see the parades on St. Charles right near where we live–at the corner of St. Andrew.  I put Julia in the Baby K’Tan and she slept right through most of the first parade.  She woke up toward the end of it and started to get fussy so I took her home to put her to sleep while Ken stayed out with his friend Tony. 

Ken had the day off on Saturday–our friend Liz came over with her friend, Erin, and we all went to Juan’s Flying Burrito for lunch.  family at juans

Then Julia put on her sunglasses and we all hung out and enjoyed the day-time parades, which were a lot of fun!  We found that it was easiest to keep Julia in the Baby K’Tan or the Baby Bjorn so that she can see what’s going on but so that whoever is wearing her also has his or her arms free to catch beads and to protect her from flying objects. 


mardi gras parades

in Bjorn with daddy

At one point she fell asleep and probably slept about 30 minutes in the stroller.  I think Mardi Gras parades offer a lot of stimulation for a 3-month old.  There are so many colors to look at, so much music to listen to, so many people to see… no wonder she got tired!asleep at mardi gras

Saturday night Ken and I went out again to watch parades, and Julia actually slept for most of the time!  At one point she did get hungry, but a very nice family let me use one of their chairs so I could sit down and nurse her.  After the parades were over, we walked with our friend Angie to Sucre to get some gelato, and then we went home to go to sleep.   

One of the best things about Mardi Gras is that the whole neighborhood comes out to watch the parades and people become more friendly than they are the rest of the year–people open up their homes to strangers to let them use the bathroom, they offer food and drink to their neighbors.  The same friendly family let us keep our diaper bag in their truck for the evening since we didn’t have a place to put it down somewhere safe.  My other favorite thing about Mardi Gras is that you see people out at the parades who are every age from 0-100 practically!  There were lots of babies out watching the parades, lots of little kids, all the parents, college-aged kids, middle-aged folks and even grandparents!  It really is entertainment for the whole family!

Sunday, Ken was on call so he wasn’t able to join us for parades but I took Julia in the stroller (part of the way) and in the Baby Bjorn (the rest of the way) almost all the way back to our old neighborhood, and watched part of the parade near Napoleon with Gabby.  Julia loved the parade so much and thought it was so exciting that she fell asleep watching the parade in the Baby Bjorn!  sleeping in Bjorn

Ken called at one point with a slight emergency (he wasn’t sure where his wallet was and asked me to go home and see if he had left it there) so Gabby and I walked back to our house and (thank goodness!) we found Ken’s wallet, then we grabbed some chairs and some beers and headed back out to watch the rest of the parades.  Liz also joined us for the second of the two parades that rolled yesterday.  Julia had her first Mardi Gras related injury–a strand of beads hit her in the face while we were watching.  I felt awful at first, but she was okay–she had a moment of shock, then she cried for a minute and then I nursed her and everything was alright.  She might have gotten a little scratch on her cheek from the beads but other than that she was okay.  It’s just one of those things that is bound to happen sometime.  Of course I do my best to protect her from beads that come flying our way, but something like that was going to happen eventually.

These photos of her smiling were taken after the beads incident, so clearly she wasn’t too bothered by the whole thing!mardi gras baby2

mardi gras baby

This year (unlike most years), we have a week-long break before the second weekend of Mardi Gras because the Superbowl is in New Orleans next weekend!  It’s nice to have a little break this year to recover and relax a little before going out for more parades.  Next week there are 7 days in a row of parades… we need our rest!


One thought on “Mardi Gras Parades!

  1. What a sweetheart! She’s so cute and ALERT for 3 months!! My goodness. 🙂 It sounds like the perfect first Mardi Gras (even the beads because that’ll be funny to her when she’s older 😉 ). Great pics too.

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