Great Weekend, Lactation Update & Baby Weight

First off… Happy Monday!  Despite the 49ers’ loss in the Superbowl, I had a great weekend!  Friday night, Ken and I went out to dinner at a Sushi restaurant with our friend Tyler, then I stayed home with the baby in the evening while Ken went out to the French Quarter.  He said there were a LOT of Ravens fans down there but not as many 49ers fans.  Saturday morning when we woke up, Julia was in her usual morning mood (i.e. very happy and smiley) so we played a bit and just hung out before going out for breakfast.  Image


In the afternoon, I took Julia to the Freret Market, where we met up with our friends Gabby, Liz and Erin, and Will and Liz and their baby, Katherine.  After the Market, we went home, and then it was time for Ken to head off to work since he’s on nights this week.  Saturday night I stayed home with Julia and I ordered pizza and watched movies while she slept peacefully in her crib.  I also made Lactation Cookies!  (See update, below).Image

Yesterday, for the Superbowl, Julia and I went to our friend Kathleen’s house to watch the game.  Julia was in a pretty good mood for the first half of the game, and then she fell asleep during the half-time show.  At the start of the second half, when the power outage stopped the game briefly, I took her home so I could put her to sleep, and I ended up watching the rest of the game with our landlords/neighbors (luckily our baby monitor works on their side of the house, too, so I was able to leave the baby sleeping peacefully in her crib while I hung out with them).  Again… despite the 49ers’ loss last night, it was a great weekend!

Now this week we have a lot to look forward to!  My mom is arriving tomorrow in New Orleans and she’ll be here through Sunday.  Julia will stay home with her on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rather than going to daycare.  Tomorrow night there’s another monthly La Leche League meeting at Zuka Baby, then Wednesday night is when Mardi Gras parades resume.  Ken’s parade and the After-Party (which I get to go to!!) are on Saturday, then next Tuesday is Mardi Gras day!

Lactation Update: As I mentioned above, on Saturday night, I finally made Lactation Cookies!  I found the recipe online, and went out to gather all the ingredients last week (the only thing that was hard to find was Brewer’s Yeast, which I eventually found at GNC).  The cookies are somewhat crumbly, but they actually taste pretty good.  The recipe made a huge number of cookies, so next time (If I make them again) I will probably cut the recipe in half, or I might think about freezing half of the dough to bake later.  Now we just have to see if they actually work!  The best way to tell will be to see how much milk I’m able to pump this week at work.  So far I’ve had one pumping session this morning, but my first pumping session of the day always yields more milk than the rest so I’ll wait to make any determination until I see how much milk I get for the whole day.  I’ve also continued to eat oatmeal, drink lots of water, take Fenugreek and drink the Mother’s Milk Tea… so it will also be hard to tell which of those factors is making the biggest difference, or if it really is all of those factors in combination.

Baby Weight: Now that I’m back at work and settling into more of a routine, I feel that it’s time to step up my efforts to lose the rest of the baby weight I gained while pregnant, and to lose a little extra weight.  I’ll feel better about myself if I look better, if I fit into my clothes a little better, etc. and I’ll be more energetic and just able to be a better mommy and wife!  So to stay accountable, I’m going to give you updates on my progress right here on the blog!

My lowest weight after my weight-loss surgery was 155 (I wrote a post while I was pregnant talking about my surgery and my life-long struggle with weight… feel free to go searching for it if you’re interested).  I don’t feel like that’s a realistic goal weight for me because it would be very hard to maintain.  My goal is not to get to a low weight just to say I got there, but to get to a healthy weight that I can maintain without too much difficulty.  I would like to get back down to around 160-165 (that way I have some wriggle room and don’t have to stick to a horribly rigid diet).  After I lost all that weight, I did put on a bit, and at my first prenatal checkup I was 176.  During my pregnancy I gained about 35 lbs. and I’ve lost most of that, but right now I am at 187.

So… Goal #1 is to get back down to my prenatal weight of 176, and then Goal #2 will be to get back down to between 160 and 165 and to maintain that for the long-term!  Action Plan: Starting March 1st, I’m going to switch my gym membership back to the gym in the building where I work and I’m going to go back to my regular 8-5 schedule with a lunch break so that I can go workout during that time.  Food: I tend to do best with food when I stick to the same thing every day… so here’s the plan–Yogurt and Kashi for breakfast, either leftovers or a “Healthy Ones” frozen meal for lunch, oatmeal for my afternoon snack, and whatever we happen to make for dinner (focusing, of course, on having meals that are high in protein)!  Dessert has to be an only occasional thing–maybe a once-a-week treat for the weekend.  And of course I’ll continue having lots of water and Mother’s Milk Tea, since lots of fluids are supposed to help with weight loss.  And I’ll give an update each week right here on the blog to let you know how my progress is going!

That’s all for now… Happy Monday to you all!


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