I applaud all the single mothers and military spouses!

As I mentioned yesterday, Ken is on night float this week but we are very lucky in that he only has 5 nights of night float–he started Saturday night and he’ll be done Thursday morning.  So for a few days this week I am (sort of ) experiencing what it’s like to be a single mother.  The difference is that while I’m at work during the day, Ken’s at home resting between his overnight shifts, and I’m able to give him a list of things to get done at home.  His hours on night float are such that I do not see him at all… he goes in at 4 PM (which is before I get home from work) and he gets home at 8 AM (which is after I’ve already left for work for the day.   Yesterday he got home from work a little earlier, but it was right as I was leaving for work so I got to see him for about 3 minutes–we basically said hello and gave each other a kiss on the sidewalk as I was getting into my car.  Even these few days of trying to do it (mostly) by myself have given me a huge amount of respect for single mothers and military spouses who have to do it all by themselves for most, if not all, of the time.  I applaud you because it is not easy!  I still don’t know how it would be possible to be a single mom of more than one kid, either… moms are kind of like superheroes sometimes!  Hopefully my daughter will realize, one day, that I’m kind of like a superhero! 2.5.2013

Luckily my mom is coming into town today, so I really only had a few days of having to do everything by myself!  This afternoon after work I’ll be picking up Julia from daycare around 3:45, and then we’ll probably go walk around at the mall or at Babies R’ Us for a half hour or so.  My mom is going to call me when she lands, and then we’ll head over to the airport to pick her up.  Hooray for my super hero Mommy!


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